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Leadership is about clear communication, motivating and inspiring people, making them want to buy Into the organization. Ideally leadership and management should work In tandem and when it does you've got a great organization. Leadership is about behavior first, skills second. Management is mostly about the process. Explain why leadership is important in my team The Importance of leadership In my team Is essential for a successful and effective workplace.

It is imperative that we have a good leader due to the type of work we do. I expect my leader to set a direction for our team help visualize and help us achieve by encouraging and also Inspiring us In the work we do this will result In a good working environment with a good working team. Leading us and keeping us motivated in the work that we do. I believe it is important to have a good, positive working relationship with In my team and this all stems from the leader and how they product themselves and to lead by example.

Having good leadership in the team helps build a good rapport which in return creates a positive working environment and It Is paramount that we display this In the work that we do. I also think it's important to keep all staff in the loop and for the leader to get involved and also do the work we do, not Just take a back seat and dish the orders out as I have encountered this before and the morale and atmosphere was that of a negative one. As we have recently been duped over to Horton Housing things have been very trying and testing but only few of us have remained it's not been an easy ride.

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I haven agreed with how some matters that have arises at work have been dealt with but the good thing about it is I have been able to express my feelings about some things and my leader has listened and taken things into account and on some occasions agreed with me and also changed some things. Understand a range of leadership styles, heir benefits and potential impact on individuals and performance Describe a range of different leadership styles There are many different types of leadership styles that exist in a work environment.

There are advantages and disadvantages with In each leadership style. Usually It Is down to the nature of the business which deciphers the leadership style they would use. Bureaucratic Leaders do it "by the book". They follow policies and procedures rigorously. This kind of leadership style is suitable for a working environment involving serious safety risks. For example, factories where people are working with gizzards substances. The downside to this is that the high level of control coming from the leader can be demoralizing for staff.

Autocratic Leadership Autocratic leadership is all about power over his or hers employees. You will find with and autocratic leader you have little opportunity to voice your opinions even if this would be beneficial to your work place. The downside to this leader is that the employee will begin to resent the leader and this can lead to high staff turn over and high levels of sickness. This leadership approach is often best used in crisis for example a good place to use this style would be the military. Charismatic Leadership Charismatic leadership style is very similar to that of a transformational leader.

These leaders inspire enthusiasm into their teams, motivating them to move forward. The downside to a charismatic leader is that they can believe more in themselves than their teams. This could result in an organization or project folding if the leader was to leave the team. To be a charismatic leader you need to be in it for the long term. Another style of leadership is that of Hershey and Blanchard the Situational Leadership which below is the model of management and leadership style which shows the four stages of what is to be the ideal development of a team.

S(Style)1 - Telling or Directing; leader makes decisions and communication is primarily one-way. SO - Selling or Coaching; leader involves followers in offering ideas but leader still makes decisions. SO - Participating or Supporting; leader allows followers to have an increasing say in decisions but provides coordination and guidance. SO - Delegating; leader allows capable others to perform largely on their own and make their own decisions. Hershey and Blanchard say that all of these styles are appropriate and necessary under particular conditions.

A good leader uses all these styles and at the correct times. ; Identify the most commonly used leadership style(s) with in an organization With in my organization especially over the last 7 months I have witnessed many temporary manager that came in made an entrance as an Autocratic leader which caused friction in our team. It was a time when everyone was nervous worried about our Jobs and also quite daunted at the fact that we were been taken over after 7 ears so none of us new what to expect.

In my eyes now looking back I feel that this entrance was a test who could take the pressure! Since this I have seen my manager go through many different leadership styles. We have had the bureaucratic leader ensuring that we are all aware of all policies and that we read them regular and keep up to date with them as they are always changing. It's been a very challenging time but I would say now that my manager is taking the Democratic leadership approach with us. That's come with time getting to know staff and building that rapport up and t present there is a good moral.

My personal thoughts on this were that I didn't agree with the way my manager first came in with the Autocratic leadership style. I have aired my view as I do with anything and I believe this has given my self and my manager a better working relationship. My manager now also takes the Laissez-fairer approach with myself and my other colleagues and to date we have a very good working environment. Explain the likely effect this leadership style has on a team's performance. The likely affect this leadership style will have on a team's performance is that of a pappy content one and happy employees are easier to work with.

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