Leader’s behavior in negotiation & conflict resolution situation

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The Chula Vista employees Union giving up their next two pay rises to help city officials avoid layoffs as they grappled with a budget deficit. This displays both vision and maturity on the part of the Union leaders. They have shown vision by giving up gains in the short run, with long term advantages , in that they will have good will and support of the city officials the next time round. Ultimately the strength of any worker is its workers, and their welfare. Bearing this in mind, the Union leaders have adopted a value system of responsible trade unionism, in agreeing to the settlement.

Their mission required them to ask questions and ensure that no workers were losing jobs, and once that prime objective was met, they used the negotiation to turn it into a partnership to resolve the problem. This way they showed good vision on their part, and also with responsible trade unionism enhanced their value system. 2. In negotiating with the Wal-Mart management, Sarah Talley was required to show vision to solve her problem. She had to turn the negotiation into an agreement so that both sides would obtain their goal and come up winners. The mission was simple. There was a problem, try and

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get it resolved without making demands. This approach of the management of Wal-Mart with Sarah Talley showed they had some system of values, as they did not allow the fact that they were dealing with a smaller entity, come in the way of negotiations. Conflict resolution is the key to negotiation and in this case, through its successful use , both sides achieved their respective objectives. Leaders with vision influence decision making and conflict resolution through an appropriate approach, bearing in mind their ultimate goal and mission, and not allowing other factors to intervene and influence this thought making process.

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