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Law Office Management Unit 5

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PA305: Law Office Management Unit 5 Assignment ? Goals 1. Always be approachable 2. Always be responsive 3. Efficiency 4. Devote ourselves and our work to our clients 5. Dedication to the satisfaction to the satisfaction of our clients 6. Dedicated to the well-being of the client 7. Make sure all clients are happy 8. Develop a sophisticated system 9. All clients questions and concerns will be addressed in an organized and timely manner 10. Exceed expectations of the client 1. Supply donations and Pro Bono work each month. 12. Morally and ethically work to ensure justice is served for everyone. Mission Statement Crystal Jones is an innovative general practice firm, specializing in civil procedure and family law. Here you get a small town feel from a city firm; we will always be approachable, responsive, efficient and devoted to our clients. Our staff is dedicated to the satisfaction, well-being and happiness of each and every client.

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Law Office Management Unit 5

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Technologically sophisticated systems, mean inquiries and concerns will always be addressed in an organized and timely manner. Crystal Jones is ever evolving, raising the bar for clients in the future. We promise to do our best to exceed all expectations of our clients, devoting ourselves to the issues at hand, until they are fully resolved. Our dedication does not stop at our clients; we are fully dedicated to our community supplying donations and Pro Bono work each month. At Crystal Jones we will morally and ethically work to ensure justice is served.

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