Project management office (PMO) and Governance

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The most and best known functions of the project management office is to help individual projects. Though if these roles are supported by organization -based purpose then the involved PMO will be an efficient, more productive and profit making one and will be able to accomplish more and essentially it will be able to make room for a viable improvement of the organization. The level of involvement in project execution and the roles to be executed are decided by the aims and purposes of the PMO and by use of the project management tactics, project management tools and projects management principles.

The most visible roles of a project management office is expanding, documenting, assembling and distributing the excellent practices in project management. This part of reports will be constantly updated, to enable the consecutive project to be as a result of the lessons learnt from the prior projects. The PMO centers on incorporating constructive project performances, encouraging the use of required equipments and models, and offering directions and advice. Project related roles incorporate include staff enrolling, advising, and tutoring.

Enterprise –oriented tasks include teaching, apparent housing, project chronological data, issuing best tutoring, support the project management line of work. The major categories under this include-: Practice management, infrastructure management, resource incorporation management, mechanical support management and business alignment. Practice management Majorly, in organization –related roles the project management office is the crucial spot for project management development and augmentation. This task is accomplished by not only offering tutoring in all project management areas but also by setting up the best practices.

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This is the responsibility of the PMO. Resource integration The main areas of resource integration cycles around training and education, team development, and resource managment. PMO acts as a resource pool for professionalism in projects thus building knowledge, skill and competence in project management. Failure to this, an organization does not have proper resource allocation development. Technical level man agent. It emphasizes on project planning, project recovery, project auditing and project mentoring. PMO appoint a competent professional leader who will over see the work of a project.

In project auditing, the project is assessed to ensure its completion is timely as planned and run within the budget. Business alignment Main purposes in these areas are business performance management, customer relation and project portfolio management. PMO practices all form of improvement and monitoring viewpoints that stipulate the project. Infrastructure management It dwells on project assessment and project governance, providing infrastructure facilities, organization instructions and providing equipment.

In organizational instruction, project management requires a culture change where management supports the project management office. PMO and project governance Project governance entails the principle of governance in both management of individual projects and at business level. Governance does not adapt the use of project tools and also work in prevailing conditions of structure in PMO. Project governance focuses on • Project response to enable decision making • Level of involvement for stakeholders • Value decisions (functionality/budget/schedule) made • The project organization for efficient resource utilization

• The accountability for information reported to oversight the project Most companies are mounting project governance structure which is different from the old structure which defines responsibility for strategic decision making and accountability across the project. When project governance is executed well, it enhances the result on speed of decision making and quality of projects. There are there major types of types of project management offices; 1. Supportive PMO: It generally gives support in form of expertise, access to information and best practice.

This only works in companies where projects are done effectively in a slack controlled mode. 2. Controlling PMO: This is where project management office of a company offers to brings development and how it implements on project, and secondly, PMO has sufficient managerial hold up to control PMO. 3. Directive PMO: This provide resources and experience to manage the project, it assures high level of reliability of practice in all project. This bring in professionalism into the projects and because each of the project managers derive and reports back the directive PMO.

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