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Language needs African American Language

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The difficult part of the Ebonics controversy is an extremely old problem in the United States that the status of African American as American and their dialect. It was greatly makes it difficult to develop a state national level educational policy for using it in the classroom as a way to move toward Standard American English that was long to implementation is local.

It was probably standard when it we proposed for the state or in national, we run in to problem of identifying exactly what is the meaning of it. This problem can be Avoid by addressing the issue in less effective as “home language”. If in practice the policy were, directed generally at all home languages the special needs of African American Vernacular English speakers would be unaddressed. however, the policy were expanded to national educational policy directed at the African American Vernacular English there would be strong pressure to identify or even develop a standard version for African American English in order to properly implement. Which would continue to neglect those who do not speak the new standard, and worse it would result in the need for African Americans to learn two standards. The Standard English and African American English were the two standards that the African American needs to know.

The validity and systematically of the home language is reasonable However, the use of contrastive analysis ends up sending exactly the message that the resolution was intend to eliminate. If the student’s home language is allowed in the classroom and then systematically translated by the teacher of Standard American English and then no matter what the language or method used there is the implication that what is being corrected is an mistake, the home language is in error. In this, such of way, the decision could result in even greater stigmatization of the African American Language than already exists.

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The proposal to use Bilingual education methodology to move one language system to another has intrinsic logic that there are systematic differences between two languages and the methods and materials have already been develop and tested. However, the message sent here in practice would be one that is consistent with the intent of the Ebonics Resolution. By classifying African Americans among immigrants populations and the implication is that, immigrants they remain outsiders until they were assimilate themselves to another language or culture. In effect there us an implication that African American do not gain their full citizenship by birth but earn the assimilating to American culture which by implication is a culture that is not their own.

The status of the home language of African Americans is controversial even among those whose sociopolitical goals are one and the same providing equal opportunities for employment and education to a minority group that has historically received less that its fair share of the American trance. The issue remains contentious because nobody agree the use of their language variety towards African Americans. The United States continues to struggle with two worthy but often contradictory ideas in integration and the celebration of diversity. At the end, little was clarified or even changed by the Ebonics resolution but the African Americans continues to underachieve in the United States educational system nearly guarantees another discussion of this matter.


Language needs African American Language essay

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