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The King of Kong: A fistful of Quarters. The King of Kong: A fistful of Quarters provided many techniques and insights into interviewing different people. This documentary profiled people and showed how they had become the people they were in there everyday lives. Many times it showed previous achievements or failures and how they directly affected a persons will to succeed in the future. At the beginning of this film, Billy Mitchell was introduced as the successful gamer of the 80's that everyone one liked and looked up to.

He was the idol of the gaming world that had begun to exist when he achieved his high scores in many of the classic arcade games such as donkey kong. The directors clearly focused on Billy Mitchell's self arrogance as he grew older and was engulfed into the persona of being the best gamer in the world. By the end of the documentary, it is clear that Billy Mitchell is now viewed by some as living in his own reality of the gaming world. The competitor in this film, Steve Wiebe, is portrayed as someone who has never quite been able to reach his goals.

He has not been as lucky as Billy Mitchell and he assumes the underdog role. Throughout the film he is forever attempting to reach his goal of breaking the Donkey Kong record only to be shut down by unfair circumstances. Many quotes are taken from Steve and his wife about his reliance, and need of achieving the record for self justification. Throughout the entire story, Steve is followed and shown the changes in his life do to this new gaming need.

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Steve does not achieve his goal when he wanted to but the interviewees choose to come back and show that he did eventually persevere and obtain his goal. They chose to show that Steve was not a quitter, and could achieve what he wanted to with dedication. Overall, this documentary shows man techniques of providing different sides and views of a story. They used family members, friends, and the persons own account to express the different experiences that had occurred.

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