Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring: Nurturing Compassion in Healthcare

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Jean Watson, prominent pectoral theorist, presented her Theory of Human Caring that revolutionized landscape of curative business, doing an accent on the value of the merciful and integral caring. Develops in 1970 - х, theory of Watson has the native stones of pectoral practice, encouraging specialists of curative business, become since, to examine patients, how more than only medical cases. This essay investigates main principles of Theory of Watson Jean of Human Caring and his deep operating on caring.

Table of contents of Theory of Watson Jean

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In the heart of theory Watson lies faith, that caring is a substantial and integral component of pectoral profession. She identifies caring how a transpersonal process, that contains emotional, spiritual, and physical prosperity how a patient, so and caregiver. Through that approach, Watson protects for creation of education and merciful surrounding world, where cicatrization can flower.

Ten Factors of Carative

Watson described ten carative factors that form her founding of theory. These factors do an accent on importance of creation of the real human cleating between a breadwinner and patient. By cultivation of trust, providing a favourable and guard atmosphere, and moving forward open communication, bread-winners can create curative space that goes beyond mere administration of medical treatment.

Transpersonal mutual Relations, what Takes care

In the theory of Watson, patient-for-a-bread-winner mutual relations stretch on clinical cooperation. It becomes transpersonal mutual relations, what takes care, where how parties bring over to meaningful, so and integral exchange. These mutual relations encourage, that a patient participated actively in their curative process, authorising them, to take their burden of prosperity.

Operating on Trosce

Theory of Jean Watson of Human Caring has considerably influenced on the concept of the caring in industry of curative business. Disposing the emotional and psychological necessities of patients on priorities, caregivers can deliver anymore all-round and merciful going near treatment. Patient pleasure, trust, and complete results improve, when they feel valuable and such, what understands how individuals, not only how medical cases.


Theory of Jean Watson of Human Caring converted a pectoral profession and landscape of curative business, protecting merciful, integral, and the patient-concentrated caring. Accent on development of the real cleating between bread-winners and patients, bringing up emotional prosperity of individuals, and authorising patients in their curative trip, appears, invaluable in the increase of results of curative business and patient pleasure.

How the expedient specialists of curative business, understanding and applying Theory of Watson of Human Caring can heave up quality of caring that we provide, guaranteeing, that patients get sympathy and sympathy that they deserve. Hugging this approach, we assist the merciful and humanistic system of curative business, one, that brings up cicatrization and encourages a trust between patients and caregivers.


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