Peron’s Impact on Argentina’s Advancement and History

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Peron in the Advancement and History of Argentina During the 19th century in Argentina, the country advanced through many different historical changes. These changes included changes within their political system, government, and changes that would affect both the laws and the Argentine people all together. During the earlier 19th century, Argentina went through a stage of depression. It wasn’t until the 1930’s that military officials took control of Argentina’s government and things began to change.

From this point on, the country of Argentina began to go through major changes and would soon receive the knowledge and leadership style of a man by the name of Juan Peron. Not only would he become the President of Argentina, he would transform Argentina and introduce new documents for the Argentine people; that outlined how to regulate the country and its citizens as well. These documents such as the “Declaration of Worker’s Rights” would alter the Argentine lifestyle and ultimately change it for the better.

When looking back at the beginning, at the time when the economy of Argentina was being transformed; the factor of industrialization had a major impact. Once this took place, there was almost a massive promotion of industries, and within these years the industrial class actually tripled. This was due to the vast majority of European immigrants that Argentina received during this time, a time in which Argentina became known as “then nation of immigrants”. These immigrants and a couple of Argentine rural families began to relocate themselves within Argentina’s capital city of Buenos Aires.

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After Argentina began to slowly get back on its feet, the power of Juan Peron was discovered. Peron had probably one of the biggest impacts in Argentina when reviewing documents and history he put into order. Peron was a military colonial in Argentina, until he was named the Minister of Labor within the new government. While he carried this title, Peron did what he could to help improve the labor relations as much as possible. He started off doing this by, elaborating a vision of industrializing through social justice.

Once throwing this idea out there, he began to create a close relationship between himself and the workers. Peron put it in his best interest to create laws that would help support these workers. By 1943-1944, Peron was officially passing laws in order to protect workers and also in an effort to create a multi-class alliance. These laws included paying workers more in order to live a standard lifestyle. All-in-all a change like this would allow workers to have enough funds in order to consume more. Therefore, putting money back into Argentina; would overall raise the economy to a higher level.

These minor changes were just a start to what Peron would do for Argentina. Since Juan Peron was becoming more and more popular with the Argentine people, the military in control of Argentina began to feel threatened due to his success. In October of 1945, the Argentine military put Peron in jail. Although this did happen, it would not be the end of Juan Peron. A mass amount of workers protested the release of Peron and made his unjust confinement a huge issue. The military then released Peron, and in 1946 he then became the President of Argentina.

Once elected President, Peron created the “Partido Unico de la Revolucion, also known as Peronism. He began to pursue policies aimed at empowering the working class, and expanding the amount of unionized workers. Peron also created a nationalistic view that would go against the Oligards (leading families that rules and controlled the economy of Argentina). This was seen as a good thing, since the Oligards were corrupt and responsible for the weakness of the nation in the past. When gathering information it is quite clear that Juan Peron had a major impact on Argentina.

He began to nationalize banks and railroads, and continue to improve the rights of the working class. Although he was seen as a positive and influential figure, Peron did in fact lose the interest in some. After 1955, Peron actually insulted the Catholic Church and made divorce legal. He also took the education system out of their hands and put it within government control. This stunt gave the military a reason to push Peron out of power, and exiled him, stripping the president title. A couple of years later Peron returned and got reelected as President.

This was seen as a must since the needs of the Argentine people decreased after his banishment, and Argentina was not that well. This was put in place until his death in 1974. As stated before, Juan Peron had a good run as President, and created many influential documents, such as “The Declaration of Workers Rights”. This document was proclaimed in public on the 24th of February, 1947. It introduced many rights that can be compared to Canada’s Charter Rights we have in place today. Before Peron, Argentina did not have set rules and laws in order to protect and better the life style of the working man.

Peron gave the Argentine people the right to work and have such things as social security. This entailed an individual’s rights to be protected in case of disability. He gave them the ability to work at a rate that would support a lifestyle and the right to be in a better economic situation. This included the right to a fair wage, and the right to well-being. Employers now had the duty to train employees and create working conditions that reciprocated respect in the productive relationship of their workers.

The Workers Rights was seen as one of Peron’s strongest platforms, and one that the Argentine people would remember him by in the past and present. When looking at the time period before Juan Peron, there were no such documents to help better the working class of the Argentine people. He created such an improvement within their government and legal system that would be remembered forever. At the turn of the 20th century, Argentina became quite wealthy and well established. The work in the past years in order to get to this rank now, took a lot of change and change in leadership style.

Peron is seen as one of the main leader in populism, and his style was a success. All-in-all Juan Peron is seen as an important historical figure within Argentina. There are many factors that have helped Peron achieve his many goals and one important one is his leadership style. When you think of Peron’s style of leadership, you think of “the people’s party” (populism). Populism is seen as a way in leading with the citizen’s best interests in mind. Populism assumes an emotionally charged relation between the leader and the people who follow him.

It can obscure class rule and inequality. When having the best interests of the Argentine people in mind, Juan Peron would automatically win the hearts of these citizens. It is the reason he was seen as such a good leader and a man who changed the ways of Argentina, specifically its working force. He has done a lot such as altering the way in leadership, creating laws and rules that would create an overall happy working class and finally improving Argentina’s economy once and for all.

Peron is a legitimate hero for the working class of Argentina and is the man who would create the outline for populist leaders to follow. From all the populist leaders such as Brazil’s Getulio Vargas, and Mexico’s Lazaro Cardenas, I believe Juan Peron had the biggest impact therefore named the official figure or image of populism itself. Through struggles and issues with the military, Juan Peron overcame everything achieved his goals and improved not only the history but the country of Argentina itself.

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