Is Groningen a mini-metropolis?

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The metropolis of Groningen has been described s a ‘mini-metropolis’ . Is this justifiable?


Groningen is a capital metropolis of the northern state and one of the largest metropolis of in North Netherlands. After few hebdomads live in groningen, during which I have been researching the metropolis either by walking, motorcycle and coach, I seen some new and interesting things here, the civilization and lifestyle the local community and urban planing and transit system of the metropolis. Modern life can be seen from the quality and life style on people of groningen metropolis. Planning and structuring of metropoliss with assorted landmarks that attract a mix of historic and modern architecture, as we see in excurtion developed into a modern metropolis, full of futuristic inventions with good develop public transit sector and green conveyance like motorcycle and walking.

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From that experience I choose a subject for the first paper assignment in this class with the subject `` The metropolis of Groningen has been described as a ' mini - meropolis ' . Is this justifiable?

To reply that inquiry we must foremost understand what is called the city. For that I am looking for literature about what the city and so analyse the features of the metropolis of groningen metropolis, both economic and demographic facets that describe how the function of groningen metropolis to metropolis around it, so do a decision, whether replying inquiries from the subjects I take?

Specify the word andfeatures ofCities

The formation history of the Footings of Use and Metropolis word or city metropolitan ( metropolitan as an adjective, the city as a noun ) has been widely used to show a assortment of urban world different. Is really is a metropolis metropolitan or this? When examined from a historical position and lexical ( etimology ) , a term derived from the Grecian city Ancient, which is derived from the word significance female parent metre and word polis which means metropolis ( Wackermann, 2000 ) .

At that clip, literally, cities can be interpreted as the `` mother metropolis `` which has orbiter towns as a kid, but it can besides intend the centre of a town, a metropolis - province ( metropolis -state ) , or a state on the Mediterranean, so it can besides be said that during the the term `` city `` has intensions associating to the homeland. Until now, the intension is still used, the term Metropolitan France case refers to the portion of the Gallic Republic located in Europe, the Gallic mainland and Corsica as the female parent state, in add-on to countries outside of it as a former settlement which joined the Gallic Republic.

Harmonizing to Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition of the city is a major metropolis, or town that is the largest of any province, state or part. Metropolis is besides a great metropolis, the metropolis became an of import centre aimed at specific activities. Heinz Reif ( 2006 ) in his comprehensive reappraisal of the metropolis discourse lists several features of a city:

  • big population size ( several million ) ;
  • structural wealth ( material and cultural resources, high concentration of human and economic capital, representative urban signifier ) ;
  • outstanding national and international centrality ;
  • high in-migration with high cultural, societal and cultural diverseness, widely distributed orientation but besides clashs and struggles.

The term metropolitan is besides said to be derived from the word `` tube `` which took the word of the system `` Light railroad `` ( light train system ) in urban countries. Needs of the urban conveyance system is the consequence of the growing of the metropolis that already has a system of `` commuter `` urban population, eg buffer from the metropoliss to the female parent metropolis.

Since the early 1980s the usage of the scientific attack in analyzing the phenomenon becomes progressively turning cities. But scientists and organisations be aftering more attending to the development of metropolitan countries instead than explicate a precise definition for this phenomenon. in 1991, Jean Bernard Dezert Bastie and develop a definition of the modern city that is based on the maps of a metropolis, which is that the definition of a city:

- There is ever determined by the size of the demographic, its size can be determined by factors that are more of import than quantitative steps of population

- Characterized by communications and transit substructure systems that serve the motion of commutation, the flow of information, and decision-making.

- As a centre of fiscal activity in the upper degree.

- As a cardinal assemblage of international companies.

- As a centre of political and administrative powers of a province.

- As a point of development or the usage of high engineering and advanced telecommunications.

- As an of import point of cultural activities and scientific.

- As an international tourer finish.

- As the functional labour centres and lodging.

An urban expert, Angotti ( 1993 ) argued that a city is non merely a really big metropolis, but besides a new signifier of society, the larger, more complex and have more power cardinal function, both in footings of economic sciences, political relations, and civilization. Industrial metropoliss of the nineteenth century is more accurately described as a precursor of the metropolitan metropoliss that were characteristic of the metropoliss of the twentieth century. An urban city in the universe is an look of inter-related in many societal, cultural and economic maps of national and international.

In add-on to depicting the socio-economic status of many of the maps and size of the population of a metropolis, a metropolis term harmonizing to the Dictionary of Geography Baud ( 1995 ) can be evaluated from the size of hierarchy, which is considered a city as a functional centre. The maps of the power inherent in city which subsequently became the footing of the behaviour of the growing of the metropolis. Here the fiscal strength and geopolitic considerations that played a major function of a metropolitan country. Therefore, the term city is no longer merely considered as a capital metropolis. A large metropolis or a really big must be considered as a metropolitan metropolis.

The population is non the lone important feature of metropolitan distinguish between the metropolitan with other colonies country. Other standards what is of import is the socio-economic activities that indicate the presence of specialisation map normally the industries and services. Integration between residential countries and the workplace is a existent job in The current metropolitan and a typical metropolitan character. Angotti ( 1993 ) stated that the procedure of specialisation in metropolitan occurs because ever development of production and distribution engineering and communications.

Another character is the easiness of a metropolitan mobility harmonizing to Angotti ( 1993 ) seen in the 3 signifiers of mobility:

1. Mobility Work ( Employment Mobility )

2. Mobility Housing ( Residential Mobility )

3. Mobility trip ( Trip Mobility )

Characterized the work of the easy mobility of people working on the move without holding to travel abode because more types and fluctuations of occupations available in the metropolis metropolitan. Job mobility is related to the handiness of capital and mobility significant capital. Mobility abode normally follow alterations in the workplace.

Resettlement is non ever due to their ain desires, associated with the motion of the workplace, but frequently besides occur due to be moved by force or non. Not forced to happen due to alterations in the monetary value land caused by the kineticss of existent estate development. Mobility trip easier to make in metropolitan than in other vicinities because of the handiness of Better transit. in overall it can be said that the metropolitan characterized by the mobility of capital and labour are really high in order to non be a definition of the metropolitan country

Description and Features of The City Groningen

The metropolis of Groningen’s place as the capital of the state and the place of authorities made it a cardinal metropolis to other environing countries. Official twelvemonth of constitution 1040 ( oldest known mention, ‘Cruoninga’ ) but likely earlier because of the oldest archeological hints found are believed to arise from the twelvemonth 3950 BC - 3720 BC, although the first major colony in Groningen has been traced back to the third century AD.

In the thirteenth century, the City of Groningen was an of import trading centre, and its dwellers built a metropolis walls as the district boundary and to protect the metropolis. The metropolis has a strong influence on the environing country. The most influential period of this metropolis in the late fifteenth century as in the Martini tower built with a tallness reaches 127 metres, doing it the tallest edifice in Europe at the clip and built as ‘evidence’ of power. The metropolis is known nationally as the `` Metropolis of the North '' and the `` Martinistad '' refers to the Martini Tower. The metropolis is known as the `` Stad '' in the local idiom, which merely translates as City ( Van Steen, 2014 ) because Groningen is the lone major metropolis in the state of Groningen.

Bestand:Martini Toren.JPG

Fig.1. Martini Tower, Groningen ( beginning: Van Steen, 2014 )

The metropolis of Groningen is the largest metropolis in the north Netherlands that capable to pull people from other metropoliss to come for surveies, work and unrecorded at that place. The metropolis of Groningen has 189,991 occupants ( 33 % of provincial sum ) with 134.000 occupations and 13.300 house ( Van Steen, 2014 )


Fig. 2. Population of City Groningen ( Source: keys figure 2010, gementee groningen )

Fig. 3. Labour Market and Labour Force ( Source: keys figure 2010, gementee groningen )

We see in the figure 3. above comparing between the employment of labour is non relative because occupations are more than the available labour force to run into their employment in the metropolis of Groningen, hence, unfastened to the labour market for occupation searchers in the metropolis of Groningen. Coupled with the presence of oil and natural gas in Western Europe 's largest unfastened broad employment chances in the metropolis of groningen.

In the conveyance sector, the metropolis of Groningen has developed a manner of transit that is good integrated with the public conveyance with non-motorized conveyance such as walkers and bicyclers as we can see in the tabular array above traffic and conveyance. City of Groningen prioritising walkers and bicyclers to go, therefore we can see the whole position of the metropolis is dominated by the bicyclers. This is supported by the substructure for bicyclers is a motorcycle lane on each route metropolis of Groningen. in line with the City vision 2008: A compact metropolis ; everything on bike distance of 5 to 7 kilometers from Grote Markt ( Van Steen, 2014 )

Fig. 4. Traffic and Transport ( Source: keys figure 2010, gementee groningen )

Public conveyance is good developed with good service with service through about the full district of the metropolis of Groningen and the surrounding metropoliss are intended for workers transposing from metropoliss around Groningen with alternate manners of trains and coachs with goings and reachings each manner decently scheduled and on clip. This can be seen in each manner is equipped with modern information system engineering so that we can see when and where we can acquire geared.

For each itinerary public conveyance manners can besides be accessed through the package on the phone via 9292 so that we can be after a trip utilizing these manners. At each station there is a park and drive installations for bicyclers and other vehicles to park their vehicles and go on to develop as a mass public conveyance. Transport can be inferred from the description of the features of a city that has mass and develop public conveyance with good service and incorporate engineerings and full of good information for its users.

The position of the metropolis of Groningen as a pupil metropolis which is visited yearly by 1000s of pupils from around the universe. Because the metropolis of Groningen has sectors with international position that is instruction sector, Here you find the metropolis 's celebrated province university, university of Groningen, Hanze University Groningen, University of Applied Sciences and the University Medical Center Groningen. with the presence of one of the best universities in Europe,

Groningen is besides known as the international metropolis of civilization and art and is frequently used as one of the concerts of international creative persons by vera groningen known as Club for the International Pop Underground used to be a nice pupil fraternity. Nowadays they a to the full equipped concert locale where legendary sets like: U2, Sonic Youth, Nirvana and The White Stripes playing in year-Many other of their early old ages, and so a big and influential set visited Vera in the 80s, like Soundgarden, the Lemonheads, Yo La Tengo, Slayer, Bad Religion, NOFX. It is a few illustrations of cultural life and people 's life styles and pupils in the metropolis of groningen how they create inventions with their creativeness to construct and develop the civilization and growing of the metropolis of groningen over clip, until now.

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Fig. 5. vera groningen ( Soure: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Not merely to develop the metropolis, groningen besides execute inter-regional cooperation through the provincial authorities with the states of Groningen and Drenthe are Frysland nighest incorporated in concerted partnership called Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland ( SNN ) . SNN aims to beef up the economic place of North Holland with a focal point on five economic secktor, such as: energy, detector engineering, H2O engineering, agriculture and wellness. Thus unfastened chances in the development and work together in instruction, research and civilization with bussiness, knowlegde establishments, public organitaion and other goverment bureaus among the states in Netherlandss and other states. In add-on, the provincial authorities besides conducts international cooperation partnership with German and Swedish authoritiess.


The metropolis of Groningen has met some of the stairss and features of some of the mentions mentioned in the city, the metropolis of Groningen has is the capital metropolis of the local community centre on the north netherland. The figure of occupations in the metropolis of groningen attract occupation searchers from assorted metropoliss around groningen, Netherlands towns in other assorted universe even came looking for life in this beautiful metropolis. Known as the instruction metropolis with one of the best universities in Europe and even in the universe with a assortment of pupils from assorted parts of the universe semen to acquire the best pedidikan.

Spatial planning and urban planning that is modern with good conveyance development to back up the mobility of people in the metropolis and commuters who work in the metropolis of Groningen which can be regarded as feature of a metropolitan metropolis. People 's lives better life style and night life with amusement installations, shopping promenades with international quality that have made life image groningen metropolis city.

Metropolis is non merely how large the size of the metropolis, and occupants of the metropolis, but what about the features of the metropolis with a batch of maps in it and is an of import function for the nearby towns and metropoliss urban life Creative, advanced, and how to make a modern metropolis as a city. Due to the size of the population and is non a big metropolis, a city with a assortment of maps that have been described in the reappraisal above makes an overview of the metropolis as a metropolitan metropolis groningen, so I think that the metropolis of Groningen can be considered as a mini - city.


In Search of Metropolitan Definitions: Lessons From Metro Davao Ruben G. Mercado1998 ( Philippine Institute for Development Studies Discussion Paper Series No. 98-29 )

Van Steen, Paul. ( 2014 ) Society and Space: The City of Groningen, Lecture Materials, Spatial Problems & A ; Spatial Policies Spring 2014

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Funtion citi of groningen to sorruoding are

The funtion doesn’t have from other metropolis

That makes metropolis of groningen mini city


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