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The current American healthcare system and its problems The interview is with Dr. John Tomas who is a surgeon in New Jersey. Dr. Tomas has been practicing medicine for over twenty years so he has a lot of experience in the medical field. Dr. Tomas deals with plenty of people who are from the middle and lower class. Those people are so concerned about the costs of the healthcare bills and they have a lot of trouble handling these costs.. The healthcare discussion should also be seen from a doctor’s perspective and that is why this interview is valuable Dr.

Tomas has also a lot of knowledge about the politics of the healthcare system in the United States. He has a personal view of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which is another term for Obama care. 1- What is your view of current American healthcare system? The current American healthcare system has a major problem which is the cost. The cost for the American healthcare system is 2. 5 trillion dollars per year which is much higher than any other industrialized country in the world. The medical expenses on every citizen are $7,960.

Other industrialized countries spent average of $3,233 annually per person which is much lower and these people from other countries get more medical valuable care. 41 percent of working Americans have problem with paying their medical bills. Taxpayers don’t receive the service that they actually pay for and a lot of people go easily bankrupt because they can’t afford to pay their medical bills. The American government covers 46 percent of these expenses and that is one of the reasons why we are in a huge debt and it is another factor for the major economic crisis in the United States. -what are the current major problems with the current American healthcare system? I think there are too many regulations in the current American health care system. There are also a lot of politicians and lawyer that get involved in the medical field. When these factors get involved, the insurance costs get higher and the medical expenses become very expensive. Practicing medicine is not pleasurable to me personally anymore because I am afraid to get sued and lose my insurance. All these outer factors that get involved in our field make practicing the profession of medicine much tougher for doctors. -Do you think defensive medicine is good or bad for the American healthcare system? In the United States we have a major problem with regulations that are involved in the medical field. In the United States, doctors have to do a lot of tests and plenty of consultations with other physicians before performing any operation. The reason for that is because the doctors are afraid of the lawsuits that could cause them losing their insurance or even their license. American doctors follow the defensive medicine by doing a lot of unnecessary tests that significantly increase the costs of healthcare.

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In other countries where there are not too many regulation’s in the medical field, doctors in other countries do the operations with the same outcomes but in much lower costs. This is obviously an issue and it has its advantages and its disadvantages but the American defensive medicine system is much safer and the foreign medicine system is much cheaper. 4-Do you think that Obama care will lower the costs for the current healthcare system? I don’t think so because when government gets involved in any filed, the cost usually get much higher.

Obama care will cost $1. 165 trillion dollars over the next ten years. The government hasn’t been very successful with Medicare or Medicaid which proves my point. The healthcare should stay as a private business that is managed by private healthcare companies. If the government takes over the healthcare system, the country will spend a massive amount of money and the quality of the care will be lowered significantly. 5-Do you think that Americans could have a better healthcare system if they follow the socialized healthcare system of Canada and Europe?

And what are your solutions for the problems that we have with our healthcare system. I have been to Canada and Europe. I also have a lot of friends who are physicians in these countries. They don’t like what they have there. Patients could wait six months to get an operation in Canada. There are risings costs of medications in Canada and Europe. Those increasing of the cost of the medications make it harder for people to get a good care under the socialized healthcare system. A lot of Europeans countries are going bankrupt eventually and the socialized healthcare system is one of the reasons of that.

The solution to our healthcare problem is not going backwards by following a socialized healthcare system. The solution comes with creating more competition between healthcare companies that take advantage of the American people. Even though we had a recession in the last few years, the profit of the insurance companies has been increased by 56 percent. Creating the competition between those insurance companies will definitely lower the costs and the medical bills that have been a heavy weight over the shoulders of the American pope.

The healthcare discussion is very important because unlike fancy cars or fancy clothes, everybody needs to have healthcare. Plenty of Americans are suffering every day because they don’t have the money to cover the expenses of their medical bills. People go bankrupt because of these expensive costs and that is rare in any other industrialized country. The reason why the cost is too expensive in this country is because there are too many regulations, politics, lobbyists, lawyers and unfairness in our healthcare system.

Obamacare could be another disaster for our healthcare system because it is going to raise the costs of the healthcare system and our economy is already in a very bad shape. The most practical solution to our healthcare system is to create a fair competition between healthcare companies which will significantly lower the costs of the current healthcare system. If I have a second chance to do a second interview, I will also discus the medicine field with the person that I am having interview with because the topic is very interesting.

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