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Als: Doctor and Auntie Pele

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Why chose AL S: Have you ever heard of a disease that can't be figure out? When the doctors don't know how people would get it? Do we really know how to cure it? So many questions we have about things, but we can't figure it out... It was a sad day for my whole family last year and it's because someone REALLY REALLY important to our family has passed away.

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Als: Doctor and Auntie Pele

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. So the next day she was working like usual and she noticed that she couldn't move her right arm, so she Went to the doctor to check it Out, and like the doctor said before, "it was nothing' then told her not to worry about the whole thing. The following weeks, her arm didn't improve and she became more worried. She visited the hospital again, she told them her arm had not improved.

They ran a bunch of test, through some blood, and even did a cat scan on her brain. They told her later that they still couldn't find anything wrong. So she BEGGED them to transfer her to a hospital in Hawaii that could help her, in a ewe months, she traveled to Kaiser Hospital in Hawaii. Where she underwent more test. It lasted a few weeks, and the news they gave her wasn't good at all. They told her that the test they ran found out that she had ALAS or Lou Geris disease and it's also known as.

This name was given to the disease after a famous baseball player of the same name. They only gave her only 7 years to live. These doctors didn't know my Auntie Peel - she was strong willed, stubborn, and full of life. My auntie actually lived for 28 MORE YEARS, and for 10 years she was bed redden

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