Information Systems Management in Practice

Last Updated: 07 Dec 2022
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Information system is perceived as tools to automate business processes for better performance and productivity. It is viewed as a machine which takes input, possesses processing logic and gives a defined output which is further used to process jobs. It was strictly viewed as a catalyst in bulk processing of tasks and also those that are very difficult for human resources to take care. Primarily the idea of information system was duly followed and businesses could use it often effectively for automating their business processes. Presently, the meaning of information system is quite different from traditional thinking.

It is definitely used for automating tasks; however it is also used for mining of data for finding a new definition of information. The idea is to find the hidden meaning of information, intelligence in the information domain for an organization. The meaning of integration of various isolated business processes into a holistic integrated system is a new meaning of technology. The concept of information system is now exploited to bring out exceptional variants of fetching intelligence out of information and better and stronger connection of resources for better business advantage.

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The idea is to encourage better process development which would ensure right judgment of the business advantage. From the transition of simple systems to ERP and intelligent systems, information technology has taken a leap ahead in finding better solutions for business. The transition further would enhance better forms of use and seamlessly integrating with various latest handled devices for control and management of business processes. The combination of technology and communications would bind the technology closely with the needs of the organization and evolve to enable the organization for better prospects in future.

The previous perceptions of information system have evolved with time and have become better to understand the organization and its needs. The information system perception from automated behavioral nature to intelligent devices has come a long way to decide the future rule of information systems over every part of human life and work. References McNurlin B. C. and Sprague R. H. (2009). Information Systems Management in Practice (8th Ed). Prentice Hall.

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