Importance of Moral Science

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In today’s rat race values are eroding fast. There is a total decadence in social and moral values. Children go to schools daily thinking how to scale heights they will reach. How rich education can make them. In today’s cut throat competition even the parents instruct their wards that they should top in the class. The parents want their money back for the investments in schools. The criteria for promotion in schools are marks in sciences and social sciences, but not moral science. But childhood is a very impressionable age.

The mind is like soft wax, so whatever one is taught at a tender age it leaves a deep impression. Therefore Moral science must be made a compulsory in school curriculum. Isn’t it? It is also a science of human soul; it’s a mirror of one’s inward mind, one’s ethics. Moral science inculcates values in mankind and value education is very vital from childhood. Coming to Values It means estimating any person any object any animal. How many of us do so? In affluent families if children lose their belongings like a small pencil box or a lunch box they are quickly replaced by their parents.

The parents think their little darlings will feel inconvenient without those things. My advice to those parents are let your little feel uncomfortable without their lunch or pencil box , then only they will learn And I promise you, next time they would be careful not to misplace them or even prize them no matter what those cost. Moral science helps every child to learn values. If diamonds were found in plentiful like pebbles on sea shore would we have cared to pick them? School is our ALMA MATER, which means My Mother.

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Just as a mother instructs her toddlers hoe to value family, schools should preach the pupils HONESTI IS THE BEST POLICY, CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME. Through moral science classes, Children spend so much of their precious time in schools. So schools shoulder the responsibility of imparting moral values to them. Temptations lure us just like the FORBIDDEN FRUIT had seduced Adam. As a result Garden of Eden was confiscated from Adam by God. Our life is also a paradise on Earth.

Moral science can channelize us through spiritual crisis “ His goodness shall follow mw always to the end of my days” Moral science protects us from the corrosive influences, else every one of us would someday turn into Dr Faustus. To make the children self-reliant, confident and responsible citizens we have to give them value-based education, which only moral science can do. After all “Today’s child is tomorrow’s citizen”. Moral science is not a religion-based subject. Rather it eliminates fanaticism, superstition and violence. It preaches LOVE ALL SERVE ALL.

This value is lacking in today’s generation. It helps a child to pay heed to his conscience. Not to be led away by worldly show. Theoretical knowledge is not enough. Teachers should make their life exemplary to their students. The lives of great patriots or spiritual leaders must be brought to the forefront Only Moral science can stem the tide of rapid value erosion and motivate the students towards a healthier life. A child is then trained emotionally, mentally, and physically how to be a responsible citizen or a good son or a daughter.

They can resist wrong peer pressure intolerance and through right conduct lead forward their nation Who knows among these pupils are tomorrow’s leaders or even a spiritual Guru. With the help of schools , the pressure on the parents is also reduced. Thus to all the schools of the modern days it’s my hearty advice that before preparing a new syllabus for the new term please make Moral science as part of the curriculum. Let the light of spirituality shine through the eyes of the little ones.

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What is the importance of moral values?
Moral values are important because they help to guide our behavior and decisions, providing us with a sense of purpose and direction. They also help us to develop a sense of right and wrong, and to understand the consequences of our actions. Ultimately, moral values help us to live in harmony with others and to create a more just and equitable society.
Why is morality important in our society?
Morality is important in our society because it helps to create a sense of shared values and expectations that guide our interactions with each other. It also helps to promote a sense of justice and fairness, which are essential for a healthy and functioning society. Finally, morality helps to create a sense of trust and respect between individuals, which is necessary for a peaceful and harmonious society.
What is moral science in daily life?
Moral science is the study of ethical principles and values that guide our behavior in everyday life. It helps us to understand the difference between right and wrong, and to make decisions that are in line with our values and beliefs. Moral science also helps us to develop empathy and compassion for others, and to recognize the importance of respecting the rights of others.
What is the importance of moral development?
Moral development is important because it helps people to develop a sense of right and wrong, and to understand the consequences of their actions. It also helps people to develop empathy and respect for others, which are essential for living in a harmonious society.

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