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If Only She Had Listen to Me- Short Story

Friendship is a feeling of love of one person for another. Its not necessary to choose whom to be your friend,your best friend. The friendship between one person and another are always in different ways.

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The feelings, the sentiments are not similar.. I knew her since kindergarten. Her name is Kristen, she came from a rich family. She can easily have whatever she wants because she was the only child in her family. Her father is a successful business man. And her mother was a great spender. And I’m her best friend. She used to be a stubborn one and never listen to others.

She always think that she is the perfect one and she was right. She would never listen to the advice. She is so herself. Because of her behavior , she seemed to be so lonely among friends. I bet nobody likes her in school , especially the discipline teacher. People were wondering how i could stand her behavior and still so good to her. What did she meant to me? Friend. I treat her as my best friend, because I knew that her attitude is different from her personalities. I knew that She has everything exept love. Kristen always turn up to amusement park instead of tuition class. he was lost in a materialistic life. Then she met a guy. She fell in love with a jobless guy. In my mind, true friend should involve in inspiring their friends to walk on the right path, no ridiculous mistakes. I’ve begging her not to simply fall I love with pleasure seeking guys. And I’m extraordinary sured that she was stepping on the thinnest ice. Which could ruin her in anytime. I told her to promise me that she would not do the wrong things, also respect her mother. “i promised, i will. ” she had said. Of course, she wont. She started to absent for school. I were in her house on the day that her mum found out she played truant . Her mum loose control, then they scream and shout to each other after starting a conversation. The relationship between she and mother was very bad. No discussion between them but only quarreling all the time. I’ve been trying so hard to persuade her to be a obedient daughter , respect her mother. But she would never listen. Time after time she was trying to leave her house. I used to visit her so often , because I knew what she really lacked of. She was loosing her weight day after day. Get thin and thinner .

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I wondered why she dont satisfied of her body size. Until one Saturday night ! She hug and cried on my shoulder and babbling on everything’s. That was the first time she did this to me since we met. I thought she was strong , but she wasn’t . She felt she gain no love  but relatives and friends that looked down on her and parents that shouted to her oftentimes. The next morning, i had a sudden phone call from her mother, saying that she was missing. We tried so hard to find her on every single day. About one year later, Kristen returned in a thin, sick physical conditions.

The scene in my mind is still so clear . Kristen was squatting on the floor in the kitchen,with hands on head. Her skin and lips were dry and her unfocused eyes filled with tears. She never stop snivel , and her nose was dripping like a water tap. I guessed I knew what had happened to her. My heart was suffocating , her mum cried on her :” Kris ! I told you to behave ! And you! Why? Why did you do this ? ” and I added , ” I know you doesn’t intend to become a drug addict . Kristen , come back back please. We will help you and your father is on the way home to help you !

We will be with you. ”  Kristen spoke with a smile of despair ” thank you ,my friend ,for everything. But , but it’s too late , I’m pregnant . ” she picked a knife from behind and stabbed herself on the stomach and blood ame out and she fell , faced Dow the floor. My heart stop beating for a few seconds and I heard she whispered . ” I’m sorry , mother . ” she close her eyes , blood dripping from her lifeless body . Death is simple , easy . Life is harder. What im thinking is, This incident won’t go so bad if only she had listen to me.