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Review on How to talk so people would listen

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How to talk so people will listen Introduction The author Steve Brown offers the student a helpful guide to effective communication. He emphasizes the basics of speech and conversation and makes us aware that speech allows us to communicate to others quickly or easily about our needs, feelings and desires. Speech allows us to correct false impressions or share our ideas. We are able with speech to encourage reprimand or inspire. With speech we can also express anger, love or Joy.

Brown makes us aware of some of the setbacks which include include fear, speaking with authority, not wasting time, and inning the right to be heard. , He gives us the basic principles of how we can overcome such.

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Brown argues that if a speaker can master these basic principles, he or she can gain an audience and effectively speak to be remembered. Review In this book “how to talk so People will listen”, includes a wealth of advice and insightful information for the communicator.

We are reminded that words have power when God speaks his very speaking accomplishes the purpose of His word Isaiah 55:1 1 . Whether the reader has never made a speech before or he is a well- established and experienced professional, this book is very useful. Brown realizes the ower that speech has to influence people. For this reason it should be important to everyone who has a desire to impact an audience. The reason many people avoid public speaking, though, is because of the intimidation factor. Brown reasons that fears and intimidators must be faced confidently and realistically.

Failure should be seen positively as “it is harder to learn from success than it is to learn from failure. ” The speaker must not allow his performance to influence his feelings of self- value. Positive thinking about oneself and a positive optimistic mindset should enable the orator to face his fears and thus conquer them. In this culture, an audience will not listen unless the speaker communicates with authority. Brown explains if you want to talk so people would listen it is essential that you have the right words for the message you want to communicate.

Thus having a good vocabulary is one of the primary elements of speaking with authority Words express the most power when they are properly used, so a thorough understanding of language is essential. The right words at the right times are of uttermost importance in effective communication. Brown goes on to describe further “roadblocks” that negatively influence speech and in turn remove the authority of the peaker. These roadblocks include a lack of clarity or preciseness and insensitivity. They inhibit communication and remove the authority of the speaker.

The book continues to emphasize important characteristics of speech by opposing any waste of the audience’s time. Brown describes elements of communication that carry over into one-on-one relationships as well. He realizes that speaking in front of large audiences should be as relational and should have as strong of a connection as speaking with Just one person. For this reason, attributes like humility and empathy go Just as far from the lectern as they do in a personal conversation. If the speaker demonstrates that ne is personable and esta blisnes a connection witn his audience they will no longer feel as if their time is being wasted.

Other ways to not waste the audiences time are to add some unconventionality in your communication, express passion, share illustrations, and most basic of all follow the rule that “the longer the speech, the greater the chance of failure. The final necessity that a speaker must address is the winning of the right to be heard by the audience. The speaker must go to great lengths to understand and relate to his audience. The same speech to two very different groups of people hould most likely be very different!

Things such as age, education, attention span, and venue should all be taken into consideration in the preparation of a speech. If the speaker can connect with his audience, he can then impact them. But if no connection is established then any speech will most likely be forgettable. The audience should influence the topic, the presentation, and all other elements of a speech. If these things are taken into account, the speaker will win over the right to be heard. Lastly, Steven Brown convinces the reader to speak to be heard and remembered as is title suggests.

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