I Born In Refugee Camp In Nepal

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A person who does not have own home country and is settled down in another country, who is dependent on the government for water, food, shelter, and education, is known as a Refugee. Nepal has lots of these kinds of Refugee camps. I was born in camp, and while there, I had a lot of struggles just to survive. My parents are from Bhutan. One day the Butane's government exiled about more than one hundred thousand citizens, which included my parents, from their own country. They leave their own land forcefully. The Nepal government gave land to live on for those people as refugees but never gave citizenship.

The entire refugee population started struggling to get food for even one day. Many parents killed their own kids because they didn't have enough money to buy food for their child. Many parents threw their babies in the garbage, and many people died because of poor sanitation. Due to the lack of electricity people had to finish their work before nightfall. When the government, after ten years finally began providing education, we, the students, had to start doing homework as soon as we got home from school. If we didn't finish it, we had to do homework to candle light or kerosene lamp.

After living a congested life in the refugee camp, we heard about an opportunity from MOM (International Organization for Migration) about third country resettlement. We decided to come to America to make our future bright. Three months after I arrived in the USA joined middle school. There were lot s of students in my class and they always gave me unusual names in their language e and laughed at me for no reason. At that time, I knew very few English words so couldn't say anything to them. When graduated middle school, I went to SST. Gregory.

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There, I found all the t coachers, students, and parents to be helpful. My freshmen and sophomore year I had a lot of struggles to learn English. Learning English was hard many times couldn't even pronouns e a simple word, but I learned after many struggle. This is my second semester in Harold Washington college. I chose to go to city college at first because of my family financial condition an d my struggle on English language, and now is much better than before, so have started to HTH ink about my future, started to think about those problems which I had faced when I was in the re fugue camp.

Because of that I choose to be an electric and electronic engineer and fix those e problems we had in the refugee camp that prevented me from studying at night. I have had to overcome many struggles to be in the position I am in and my family has been a great support to me. I want to make my future bright and achieve my am through your school. Decided to study engineering because I always wanted to know how machines work, and to be creative in my work. I have always enjoyed challenging myself, and want to be in career which would demand that I use all my knowledge to find solutions.

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