Huntsville Project Team Meeting

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HUNTSVILLE PROJECT TEAM MEETING As the Huntsville project manager to effectively coordinate and host a progress meeting with team members. There are three things that must be accomplished: meeting objectives; use the minimum amount of time; and participants should leave with a sense of direction and effectiveness in the meeting process. With these criteria in mind, the process of structuring, planning, preparation, and execution of the Project Progress Team Meeting will be a definite success. Predetermine the outcome and purpose of the meeting.

Prior to setting the meeting objectives, I have to decide the end results or what I want this meeting to accomplish; whether it’s decision based, to generate ideas, update the status of the project, etc. so that it maximizes the allotted time and all participants can come prepare. Under all the stress of schedules, and time constraints; time is a precious resource during the life of a project and it should be used wisely. Therefore, during the planning stage of this meeting, I owe it to my team members and myself to streamline the meeting in the most effective way to meet and cover all objectives in the least amount of time.

In doing so I would prepare the agenda with the following factors in mind: priorities the agenda to determine what absolutely has to be covered; define the end result (what I want the meeting to accomplish); identify who needs to be in attendance and if required consider previously scheduled obligations so that I pick the superb time and date for max participation. With solid objectives, a tight agenda and a commitment to involving the meeting participants in the planning, preparation, and execution of the meeting, it’s a common curtsy to circulate the agenda to participants (team members) to get their feedback and buy-in.

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This gives them the sense of belonging and lets them know they’re actively contributing to the success of the project. Prior to closing the meeting I think it’s important to reintegrate the highlighted points of the meeting and identify any team member due out so that everyone leaves the meeting on the same accord. Sending out meeting notes to assure objectives were met, would be the icing on the cake.

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