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Brief Introduction of the Issues In the Meeting

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Aim at the irregular trade between the Saving Drugs Corporation and the European Union, I have taken down the introduction about the issues and want to turn to you for help. It will not just concern the company’s profit but also the immigrants’ who arrive in Southern Europe each year. Actually, the European Union is devastating to Saving Drugs Corporation’s business plan to import less costly pediatric polio drugs manufactured by Saving Drugs Corporation into the European Union.

By using the measure of imposing a 100% tax on pediatric polio drugs of whose country of origin is other than one within the European Union or a former colony of an EU member in Africa or Asia, they can hinder Saving Drugs Corporation’s plan going on smoothly. In fact, it is not conformed to the common law. Tariff is used to limit exotic products and protect one country’s own products. Besides, it can also weaken the competition of other countries’ goods and prevent them against taking up the whole market. However, if one country raises the rate of tariff to 100%, it is not normal at all.

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“When the rate of tariff reaches one hundred percentages or several hundred percentages, it is a kind of Protective Duties. ” Miecha just wants to warn the European Union of the high tariff rate, and they must take it into account and change the tariff rate. Besides, Miecha believes this is a blatant violation of the antidiscrimination provision of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) known as the national treatment rule, and she asserts the aim-and-effect of the EU tax is to discriminate against non-European immigrants.

We should treat each man equally. “One should not lightly dismiss the inherent unfairness of, and the perception of mistreatment that accompanies a system of allocating benefits and privileges on the basis of skin color and ethnic origin. ” Although the immigrants are not your own citizens, you still need to treat them as well as local people. The country should pay attention to their living conditions, work environment, healthy situation. If their fundamental conditions cannot be met, it is not good for the country’s stability and development.

The European Union should not discriminate against non-European immigrants. In addition, WATT is concerned about the tariff and trade between countries, and it plays an important role in regulating and harmonizing the relationship of each other. For example, with the help of WATT, “Uruguay has lowered its industrial products’ tariff from 5% to 4%. ” Under the WATT’s regulation, the tariff barriers could be solved much better. It is not conducive to international trade to raise the tariff too high; on the contrary, it will hinder and decrease the cooperation between different companies.

Usually, we can work out the protective tariff rate by a formula: first, we use the domestic market price of the import products minus the international market price of the import products; second, we use the result of the above divide the international market price of the import products and then multiply 100%, and that is the appropriate tariff rate. If the European Union can formulate the correct tariff rate, Saving Drugs Corporation will keep a good relationship and cooperate with it.

What is more, European Union’s policy will result in the burden to immigrants. Once the import tariff rises, the price to sale in the market will be higher at the same time. It is a kind of saving product, and the major purpose is to help those who live a hard life. If European Union still keeps the high tariff, it is not the Saving Drugs Corporation’s loss but also the poor immigrants’ loss too. The major purpose to have a meeting with congresswoman is ensuring that no WTO member would enact a measure that blatantly violated an international trade treaty.

We should use the rules of WTO and WATT to protect the profit of the Saving Drugs Corporation whose drugs are intended for distribution to the over 20,000 African, sub-Saharan and the undocumented immigrants who arrive in Southern Europe each year. Each law in the world is based on the human nature, that is, people’s reasonable and legal profits will protected by the law. Nevertheless, if European Union still imposes the 100% tax on pediatric polio drugs, both the company and the poor immigrants will be harmed greatly.

What we need most is a statement of the relevant rules of law needed to resolve the issue, a statement of the court’s holding on each issue, and a statement of the steps of the court’s reasoning in applying the rules to the facts to resolve each issue. I will wait for your answer and all of us wish it would be an impartial and reasonable decision. Bibliography: 1. Xiang Yijun, 2002, International Trade and Theory, Beijing: Chinese Agricultural Press 2. Frank I. Michelman, 2004, the Harvard Law Review, Reasonable Umbrage, V. 117 No. 5, Page1378 3. Tramy, 2004, GATT and WTO, http://tramy. blogdriver. com/tramy/94001. html

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