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This theory is based De on effort and performance, which ultimately determines the outcome of a task or duty. When looking at Top Expectancy, we see a clear correlation between the effort level f the employee and performance level. Pertaining to the Top expectancy, students in the case reached this low point of motivation because after putting in as much off rot as possible in the line situation, they realized that all the effort they put in would be sabotaged by the other foreign workers in the line.

Thus, making the employee feel as if there best efforts will never get them to the performance level needed to complete the j bob. This case situation also connected to Photo expectancy, which connects a specific perform menace level to a certain outcome. The specified outcome of the line was to remove a d stack the ketchup bottles quickly as possible without any boxes falling off the line. The s dents felt that at any performance level the outcome would still result in crates fall Eng off the line due to the counterproductive actions of the foreign workers.

The probably tit of success was solely in the hands of the foreign workers, thus making the studs ants feel unmotivated to complete the job because the outcomes did not reflect their e efforts. The Students smashed the bottles in retaliation because they knew that the bottle s would be damaged regardless of their performance on the line. In the moment of anger r, the students page 2 wanted to feel in control, and thought that if the bottles were to break, it woo old feel better if they did it instead of the foreign workers. Another component of the expect Nancy theory is Valence.

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An employee may see the outcome as desirable or undesirable (La imbiber, 2010). In the academic journal, valence is connected to the expectancy of the employee through Individual perceptions. Due to the strenuous work and the negative work cue True of line duty, the students had an undesirable perception of the working envier moment. This is another factor that led to the destruction of the bottles. Identify Ramie's leadership style using the Behavior Perspective of Leadership Give examples of his behavior from the case to support your answer.

If Rah m had been a Transformational leader what would he have done to change the way things were happening on the bottling line? Ramie's leadership style using the behavior perspective of leadership is the directive leadership style. The way Ihram performs his job such as trying to effectively manage the plant and fulfilling his duties can be supported by the directive leadership style. L adders that take on this type of leadership "assign specific tasks,sets goals and deadlines, clarify work duties and procedures, define work procedures and plan work activities.

One of the ways Ihram portrays the style of directive leadership is whenever the jobs had changed, he would give written instructions and descriptions as to what is ex pecked of them. " Upon arrival they met Ihram, the Plant Manager, who gave them a set of job Instructions, which took all of 5 minutes and directed them to George, the lead oven operator(co k) if they had any additional questions. "Ihram always dealt with introducing them to the work area and page 3 giving written job descriptions.

Whenever Ihram was not in the working work ins area, he would have an employee who was to work as a supervisor in the area. The supervisor RSI were assigned so that they would be mentors to the new employees, and to clarify or listen to a NY concerns the employees had related to the job. However, in the case of the students that joy indeed neither was the supervisor willing to listen, nor was the plant manager who said to deal the pr bobbles on their own. Ihram also demonstrates directive leadership through the aspect of not willing g to listen to employee problems and concerns. The student said that while they were pale eased to be working at the plant, they had concerns about how George was treating them. Ihram then went into a long explanation about his management philosophy and how he felt it was more effective this 'hands-off policy' has served him in managing the plant I . Ihram did not care about listening to the concerns of the employees and to be supportive of them. He believed that all employee were mature and responsible adults, therefore the problems they h d with other employees Were to be solved by themselves.

Getting Ihram involved in problem ms that employees had between each other felt as if he was treating them like children-Therefore it was suggested to the students that any concerns with George or any other employees should did erectly dealt with the person to get a solution. Hence, under the behavioral perspective of leadership Ihram best portrayed the directive leadership through his work performance. If Ihram was to be a transformational leader the way he was managing the Plant would have been a more welcoming and positive environment.

Transformational lea deer motivate employees to achieve the organization's vision. "Transformational leadership raises the level of human conduct and ethical aspiration of both leader and follower. It alters an d elevates the Page 4 motives, values, and goals of followers through the vital teaching role of lead reship, enabling leaders, and followers to be united in the pursuit Of higher Kerr ashcan. A positive environment would have been formed in the company with employees being approachable and having freedom to suggest their opinions. F Ihram was to f allow ramifications leadership, he would have changed the attitudes of employee sees who were working on the bottling line. Being an ignorant leader has led to employees be ins disobedient. The machine operator had been rude enough to change the speed the mach en was at frequently.

"Very quickly, however the two realized that these two women had a relatively low opinion of seasonal workers and they apparently experienced considerable delight in VA raying the speed of the line. They could increase speed sufficiently to make it impossible for Robe art and Bill to remove and stack every case of ketchup. Ihram should have bee n able to come up with a solution to the concerns that students had With the operator if he was t o be a transformational leader. Also if this leadership style was used the students w loudly it hesitate to ask questions and raise their concerns to him about working in the company. In addition, the bottling line wouldn't have faced problems such as Robert and Bill throwing the bottles against the wall if the transformational leadership style was followed. It can be understood that for every action there is a reaction and in this situation it causes a harmful work environment.

According to David Conrad it is said " the more connected managers are, the better they can understand what motivates members of their team, analyze what's really going on, and find sol suctions that meet the needs of their people and their company. " These are truly the steps that should have been taken by Ihram if he were to be a transformational leader who once auroras his employees to work together for the company. By meeting the needs of people e and finding Page 5 solution to them will allow employees to have a positive feeling about the woo receptacle and will decrease any levels of employee absenteeism.

However, this is not the case of the Plant due to Ramie's directive leadership style but if Ihram changes his style of leading the Plant ,it will benefit both him and the employee. Identify and describe the sources of conflict. The Students experienced conflict that ultimately led to their termination. The sources of conflict for the students started with the poor communication of Ihram, who explained the tasks and duties too quickly and didn't introduce them to the other worker RSI. This created a social divide between the students and the other workers.

Also, the workers had mix of incompatible goals and differentiation because the goals of the force gnu workers were counter productive, and the students had goals of increasing productivity y. These opposite goals and beliefs created tension between these two groups. The for sign workers have a negative perspective on seasonal workers, which conflicts wit h goals of production and decreases employee interest. " the prevailing perspective in c inflict management relies on the implicit assumption that employee interests should d be subordinated to the demands of production and authority" .Their interests and beliefs did not coincide with the production environment, which relies on efficiencies and productive actions. Page 6 Lastly, a prominent source of conflict was the use of ambiguous rules. The am bigamous working environment gave the foreign workers the opportunity to interfere WI the students work. There are no rules implemented to keep the line at a certain speed. the conflict management styles used by the students and the permanent staff. The conflict management style used by the students toward George was propped elm solving.

Although they began to avoid the problem, they soon realized that they had t do something about the issue. The students used the problems solving style with George by attempting to solve the issue through a win win orientation. However, George completely dismissed their concerns, which should have signaled the student s to use a forcing style due to the unethical behavior. When the students were at the line e, they used a compromising style to solve the issue. They proposed to use hand signals to communicate to the foreign workers. They striver to achieve a mutual gain in order to keep a consistent flow in the line.

The students attempted to build a trust wit h the reign workers by making conditional promises. After this failed, the student s avoided the situation and retaliated by breaking the bottles. Select the Structural Approaches to Conflict Management that might best help resolve the conflict on the bottling line. Gives reasons for your choice. In order to improve the line, structural approaches to conflict management SSH old have been implemented. The management staff should emphasize subordinated goals to Increase Page 7 cooperative thinking.

When everyone has the same ultimate goal, the worker s will work together to achieve the higher main goal of the operation. If the students and the permanent workers emphasized the subordinated goals of the organization, there would be less competitiveness between the two groups of workers. Improving communication and mutual understanding is also an approach that t could resolve this conflict. The loud production environment and quick pace made it very hart for the student workers to communicate with the foreign workers. Also, the language barrier didn't help the situation either. ROR to starting the job, Ihram should have TA ken more time for the foreign workers to meet the student workers and assist them with engage barrier. After the conflict occurred, the students should have tried to find a quiet space to attempt to discuss the problem with the foreign workers. This s essential in creating a mutual understanding of goals. The students need the foreign w errors to know that they are serious about completing the tasks and duties, and want to work together instead of compete. Identify and discuss the sources of power used by the permanent staff and the students in the case.

Page 8 The sources of power identified in this case can be seen between three differ .NET parties. The iris is between the three newly hired workers John, Bill, and Robert and Rah m. Ihram is the plant manager of H. J Heinz, he provides the students their job instructions . After giving instructions, he leaves almost immediately but what is seen is that John, Bill, a ND Robert listen to the plant manager on the given job instructions. Ihram is seen to have e coercive power which is defined as "the ability for a manager to punish subordinate. When Ihram catches Bill throwing the case against the wall, he exerts his core give power and fires both Bill and Robert. According to Mollification's article he states the t too much coercive power has a negative impact on employees job satisfaction" "Most SC hollers in management and psychology believe that using coercive power (punishment) as a means to influence subordinates and staff has much more negative effects than positive e, due to its adverse physical and mental effects" The second is between John, Bill, and Robert and George, the lead oven opera tort (cook).

George is seen to have legitimate power because he is simply of a higher working position informally because he is a permanent staff. Also, George partially has coercive power because he threatened the three students to make work harder for them if the eye talk to Ihram again. The third relation is between Robert and Bill's relation with the woman who w ere operating the conveyer belt. They display a small level of expert power because as perm anent staff, they are have the knowledge and know how to speed up the line.

They used t his knowledge Page 9 in a negative way and made the boys work harder when they increased the s peed of the conveyer belt. Which led to Robert and Bill them fired . Identify and fully describe two influence tactics that the student might have used to improve the way they were being treated by the permanent staff. Two influence tactics that the students could have used to improve the way the eye were being treated is by persuasion and upward appeal. Persuasion would be a strong TA stick to use by stating a logical arguments, and emotional appeals.

John, Bill, and Robert cool d have tried to talk to George about their financial situation and tell him how his stereotyping them as "rich college kids" is completely wrong because if they were rich, why would they b e working for H. J Heinz during their summer vacation? Additionally, when Robert and Bill w ere facing robbers with the woman operating the conveyer belt and speeding it up ran dimly, they should have talked to their coworkers right away and tell them to stop.

The SE condo tactic the boys could have tried was upward appeal. This approach deals with gaining s purport from higher authority. They could have reported this childish behavior coming fro m the woman working the conveyer belt to higher management and speak to Ihram. If Rah m doesn't help, then they should have reported this mistreatment to the HRS department and seek help from there.Use the Communication Process Model and the Barriers to Communication ( Noise) to fully explain why communication broke down on the bottling.

The communication break down in bottling will be supported by both the com ammunition process model and barriers to communication. Based on the communication process model there had been a communication break down since their was low proficiency in the communication channel, the codebooks had not been similar and some employees did not ha eve sufficient experience in encoding the messages.

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