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TRUE/FALSE 1. The first goal of recruiting is to communicate the position in such a way that job seekers respond TRUE 2. Employee referrals are not an effective means of locating potential employees for hard-to-fill positions. TRUE 3. An expatriate is a citizen of the host country hired by an organization based in another country TRUE 4. A blind-box ad is an advertisement that does not identify the advertising organization. TRUE 5. Younger employees are absent more often than older workers. TRUE MULTIPLE CHOICE 6. Which of the following is not true regarding recruiting?

Answer: a) It is fairly easy to generate a pool of qualified candidates. People always need jobs. 7. Jamie is the director of recruiting for a large corporation. Which of the following is a warning signal that her efforts are not effective? Answer: d) Fewer qualified applicants are applying for jobs. 8. Youan, a recruiter, is trying to identify the different constraints that may impact his recruiting efforts. Which of the following is not a major constraint on recruiting efforts? Answer: e) Internal organizational policies 9. Sharifa, the new chief financial officer of a Fortune 500 company, was likely located through the following source:

Answer: a) Websumes 10. Which of the following is not an external source of the job candidates? Answer: c) Employee referrals 11. If your school wants to hire 5 new professors for next year (2 French, 1 Management, 1 Biology, and 1 Religion) and can only place one print ad, where should the advertisement be placed? Answer: e) Chronicle of Higher Education 12. David is a recruiter for a large manufacturing organization. Today, as part of community outreach, he worked with an employment agency that places people drawing unemployment compensation in the area. What kind of agency involved?

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Answer: a) Public Employment agency. 13. You graduate this year and don’t have a clue about what or where is next. If you want your job search to include the most options in the most locations, which of the following should you do? Answer: c) Create a websume 14. Which of the following is accurate regarding the work preferences of Baby Boomers? Answer: b) They are interested in the market leadership of the company and the “image” it has. 15. Which of the following is not an advantage of the promotion-from-within-wherever-possible policy? Answer: b) it leads to a more diverse workforce.

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