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Human Resources Management Chapter

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Yes people are an organization's most valuable asset. Achieving success depends on an organization's ability to manage human capitol. If talented and valued employees leave a business, they take their human capitol with them and any Investment the company has made in these people Is lost. 2. My list of people- related concerns would include different cultures, employment laws, business practices, and the safety of employees and faceless abroad. . Corporate social responsibility and sustainability are very Important when looking for a Job. I would want to work for a company that really does works In the best Interests of the people ND communities affected by what that company does. I would want to work for a business that Is fair and had good excellently. 4. I do not think that technology will completely eliminate human resource managers, Just assist them.

Although technology can improve productivity and reduce costs for companies, they still need a person operating them. Companies still need human interaction to be truly successful. 5. Overemphasized labor costs takes away from the more important issue of increasing a company's productivity. Employee productivity is crucial too business's success. Managers can use cost-cutting efforts such as downsizing, outsourcing, and furloughing as simple solutions to complex performance problems. 6.

Pros of having a diverse workforce include better understanding of different cultures, learning different perspectives and strengths of each person, enhanced creativity, and the ability to understand and manage diversity. Cons include language barriers, people sticking to their comfort zones, immigrants prevent US citizens from getting job and lack of growth. Yes the United States is in a better position to compete globally because its diverse population provides it with the resources accessory to effectively communicate on a global level with competitors. . HER managers need to stay abreast of the educational levels and work expectations of people in the work force to be able to find employees with the basic qualifications to fulfill the company's needs. HER departments may have to make specific changes to attract qualified candidates. 8. I think the most important role a HER manager plays Is a strategic advisor and counselor.

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Human Resources Management Chapter essay

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