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Management of Human Resources

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Views 9 is one of the free websites which connect companies around the country with innovative HR practices and solutions. The advantages of the web site are careful selection of information and categories, unique design and easy registration. Taking into account the design if the webpage it is possible to say that it represents the best way to convey the essence of any information. In other words, it is balance between graphics and text and even the quality and style of language and expression also important tool which form social identity.

The disadvantage of the site is that it is to navigate and find necessary information at once. The site has a search engine but it does not find all articles and ‘pages’ available on the site. This website thrives because it offers its participants exchange of common interests; a sense of place with codes of behavior; the development of stimulating dialogues; encouragement for active participation by more than an exclusive few.

The great emphasis is placed on conceptual ability, and proportionately. Both the content and possibility of forming relationships with buyers and with the managers act as a magnet, drawing visitors back to the site on a frequent and regular basis. The web site covers main social issues and news in order to attract potential consumers and deliver high service quality. Also, they propose answers to the important questions for every business and life: economic conditions and quotes, HR innovations and solutions ( Home Page 2007). The coolest thing about is Blogging Community.

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It includes overview of member blog contributions and their research results, articles on different topics and discussions. The coolest thing about is a-z index which helps to find necessary information or person. The coolest thing about is a “news in brief” section which highlights the main events and current news. The coolest thing about Prospera is a 30 day free trial for potential buyers. On, I dislike two animated videos (advertisements) which spoil impression about the site.

They move all the time and it is really difficult to concentrate on a particular subject or information. Student membership is available on this site. Guest membership is free but Individual and Student Membership Level requires fees (from $50 up to $299 US/per year). In general, fulfils three major functions: it helps to make choices, makes possible relationships with others, and gives strength and resilience.


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Management of Human Resources essay

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