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Service request is a common human resources practice in many institutions and one that has developed at a high rate especially with the wake of information and communication technology. With internet and other supersonically fast modes of communication, virtual organizations have crept almost all over the world to supplement the never-sufficient human resources skills. Many virtual organizations are established to solve specific problems mostly shortage of particular human resource skills. With the growth of the service sector and the continued demand of services has seen the growth of numerous virtual organizations.

Service request is a practice aimed at bringing management solutions. Online relationships are social networks which develop out of people interacting through communication facilities majorly the internet. A good human resource management can enhance its output by encouraging exchange either between employees. People who work for the same companies and who work for the same companies and who are probably separated by space and time can utilize virtual organization and a means of enhancing their human resource capacity.

A company that has an excellent social connection of network can enhance its human resource by ensuring new ideas circulate within its domain in time to enhance efficiency. Such a network ensures that an organization remains unique and creatively innovative. A virtual organization in this era of information comes in handy as a great learning tool designed to impart skills and assess trouble-shooting mechanisms within an organization. Instant and highly accessible information in the world today has greatly enhanced the human resource through these virtual organizations.

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In service request, customers seek the assistance and services of qualified personnel. The assistance may be the form of a question posed to a customer care personnel, help from a technical expert in a technical problem or in the case where one needs to research on something. Service request in human resource runs across professions such as education, customer care and according to (Structure 1983) in health and pharmaceutical industries. Basically service requests falls in the category of customer support services offered by most businesses and entrepreneurial organization becomes handy.

The website is the best tool for use in the virtual organization. This is because it can merge both audio- and visual aspects of communication unlike many other forms of communication. The information gathering process should be guided by several factors. The nature of business. A virtual organization should provide virtually all the required information. In information gathering, an organization should be ready to use effective mechanism in data gathering. Customer-oriented data should be collected from the customer care desk, in opinion columns to be located on websites.

These can encourage customers to comment and make recommendations after a service. Many sites describe in detail how information gathering can be achieved. On such sites a customer is provided with a form of questionnaire. In this questionnaire a customer fills all the important details including the names, company name, and street address if any. Reliable contacts including, home and work phone. Zip codes, email contacts where one exists is also handy, the customer is also given the preference of the contact modes whether at home, work place or the email address.

The most important information here concerns the nature of request being made. Here the form or questionnaire should provide the customer with a wide variety of services on offer from which to make a choice from. This category should give a customer as varied a selection list as there possible can. The location of the computer is also important and should be included to ensure that the services which require physical delivery or motion are executed on time. Importantly and most paramount the details of service request should be given at this point.

Here the customer should be given as much adjectives as possible to be able to desirable in detail the nature of service being. If possible the customer should be able to present desirable answers in a manner not ambiguous and almost in a picturesque manner to avoid double standards in analysis of the answers. The site should finally be easily navigatable and friendly to offer customers an easy time as they mingle through the information on the site. Consultation of web specialists also ensures that the particular site has all the relevant information required .

Normally a good site should put into consideration the nature of the business at hand. Within websites as a tool for gathering and even discriminating information, comprehensive software should provide the required functionality which can help come up with solutions to such problems as payroll issues and other complicated matters. A good human resource management system should offer leading professional services such as recruitment, training and recruitments benefits administrations. Coupled with these services, innovative time and labor management solutions (Miutzberg,1983).

Depending on the nature of business, Software market leaders have overtime developed innovative time and labor management solutions. These companies offer personal computer software designed specially to offer data collection solutions including time clocks phones and desktops. With management taking different angles towards advancement and with the increased concern of the executive about their capital, talent management humans’ assets as well as management of talent the organization cannot help but invest in the use of technology Paul, J. , (Paul, Josh &Van Del Wielen,1998).

Generally the connection between service request and virtual organizations lies in web-based form of supply as a never form of industrial organization. (Applegate 1994) Discuss the whole concept of technology as a juncture of three forces; the service provider, the virtual organization and also web-based communication. Web-based communication was only links the business to potential markets but also to up coming entries of business especially those in the same class. Companies can utilize these opportunities to creatively generate customer value and deliver the much sough quality services.

In general understanding the nature of manufacturing system and outline mushrooming in the world of e – business and commercial electronic and communication environments is potential to the world of manufacturing (Sproull, & Kiesier, 1993). In conclusion management of the human capital – cited by authoritative business minds as the most important resource has also crossed over the world of technology. It goes unmentioned that these information and communication technology tools have improved service delivery in HR departments.

However this has not been without its own challenges. One of such challenge is the risk of competitors prying and imitating what the hard-earned managements have achieved in the course of time. Other short coming include the reduction of human labor required executing tasks which have been fully delegated to communication and information based machinery. Such cases are rampant in Africa where the era of communication and information technology is just catching up with the business fraternity. References Applegate, L, (1994).

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