Human Resource Management Persuasive Essay

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Q1.      There is a very strong relationship between employee training and employee development. This is based on the fact that both practices are aimed at promoting the performance of employees in the particular organizational setting. On one hand, employee training entails the practice of promoting knowledge of employee in their main areas of duty in the organization. On the other hand, employee development is the process of enhancing the ability of individual employees to execute particular future organization duties.

This implies that both practices are important in the organization as they serve to improve employee productivity and reliable organizational succession respectively. Nevertheless, employee training practice is more important since the sole purpose of an investment is to maximize profits, a factor which dictates reliable and efficient workforce to fuel company productivity and innovativeness.

Q2.      Human resource management should be responsible for promoting career development among company workforce. This is because it serves as an instrument for promoting employee engagement and thus retention in the organization. Career development practices in an organization enables individual employees to achieve their career goals while serving in the organization, an element which enhances their commitment to the objectives of the organization. In addition, career development serves to identify skills and experts in individual employee.

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Although certification forms the basis of qualifying for employment, career development allows employee to identify and pursue their career interests, a move which enhances their social and economic expectations in life. On the other hand, career development is a continuous process for employee in an organization. This implies that the practice ensures long-term loyalty to the organization as they seek to continue pursuing their career dream from the company support.

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