How to Make Rotel Dip

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How to Make Rotel Dip Rotel dip is my favorite dip to make for the football games on Saturday! It’s something easy and delicious that everyone likes. When I was younger I used to make my mom make if just because. So finally one day she made me learn how to make it so I could make it myself. Rotel dip is a fun food that you can serve as an appetizer or entree. With less than 30 minutes of preparation time, Rotel dip is easy to make, and it's ideal for parties, a child's sleep over or for a movie-night snack. You can learn how to make Rotel dip in just a few steps.

First you have to gather your ingredients, make sure you have all the utensils you will need, then prepare your food. I. Gathering your ingredients. A. 1 can of Rotel dip. 1. you can choose different flavors of rotel as in mild or hot B. 8 ounces of velveeta cheese C. some kind of meat. 1. it could be deer meat or hamburger meet, whichever you prefer. D. 1 bag of tortilla chips II. Make sure you have all the untensil you will need A. first you will need a large skillet 1. this is to cook your meat in. B. you will need a spatula to flip your meat to get it to cook. C.

You will then need a drainer to drain all the grease from your meat. D. Next you will need a knife to cut your cheese into small squares. E. Most important thing you will need is a crockpot where you will cook all the ingredients together and you will use a large spoon to stir it periodically. III. Finally you will get to prepare your food A. Turn the crockpot on medium heat. 1. Slice the Velveeta cheese into cubes and add them to the heated crockpot. B. Turn the stove on medium-heat 1. add the ground beef to the skillet and us the spatula to flip and stir the ground beef. 2.

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Cook the meat until brown and drain the grease. C. Add the can of Rotel sauce and the meat to the crockpot and stir. 1. cover the crockpot for about 3 mins. D. Check to see if the cheese is melted and stir again. E. Place the tortilla chips on a plate and pour the rotel dip over the chips and serve. Now you have a great way of making an easy chip dip for any occasion. I would suggest cooking it about 2 hours before time to serve it for best results on making sure the cheese is nice and melted and everything is combined evenly. I hope you enjoy what I consider the best rotel dip around.

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