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HowI to Make Ice-Cream

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I have always enjoyed entertaining people in my home. Over the years I have discovered three requirements to make entertaining successful: creating a relaxing atmosphere, providing lots of good food, and having many amusing things to do. As far as creating a relaxing atmosphere is concerned, there are many ways to accomplish this. One way is by inviting guests that are compatible. Another way to provide a relaxing atmosphere is to make sure that guests have something in common. Pleasant conversation is always a must, and it leads to a most relaxing atmosphere.

Depending on the particular occasion, it is also possible to add atmosphere with decorations such as hats and horns at a birthday party or ghosts and jack o'lanterns at a Halloween part y. If I can create an atmosphere that is both friendly and relaxing, my entertaining is off to a good start. I find my favorite part of entertaining is preparing a bounty of good food. I love to cook and experiment with different types of foods for many different occasions. One of the easiest types of food preparation for a party is the buffet, a dining arrangement featuring a table laden with plenty of food, organized so that the guests can walk around the table from both sides and fill their plates.

I can set up a simple buffet with turkey and roast beef slices, salads, hot vegetables, and succulent desserts. Coffee and tea or soft drinks are the common beverages that are served with a buffet. If I decide to, I can also serve mixed drinks. I find it quite a challenge to try different styles of cooking for parties. It gives me the opportunity to create new and different dishes. One of my specialties is a Mexican meal of enchiladas, tacos, and refried beans, served with cold iced tea. Another of my specialties is an Italia n meal of spaghetti, accompanied with piping hot garlic bread fresh from the oven.

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This meal can be highlighted by serving a chilled red wine. I’ve found that good food is a complement to any type of entertaining. After I have created a relaxing atmosphere and filled my guests’ stomachs with good food, the last item on the agenda is amusement. I can amuse my guests in a variety of ways. When I entertain, several card tables are set up with many different games on them: card games such as pinochle, euchre, and Rook and party games like Aggravation and Yachtzee. Of course, there are always some guests who do not enjoy playing games.

They can be entertained with pleasant conversation. Also, it is always fun to gather around a piano or organ to sing songs like “Yankee Doodle,” “Down In The Valley,” and “The Yellow Rose of Texas. ” Generally, if there is a variety of amusements provided, the guests will entertain themselves by joining in whatever they find enjoyable. There are two ways to determine the success of my party. One guaranteed way is checking to see if I have provided my guests with the three necessities I have mentioned: a relaxing atmosphere, plenty of food, and a variety of entertainment. Another method of judging the success of my party is watching my guests to see if they are enjoying themselves as the evening progresses.

HowI to Make Ice-Cream essay

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