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How the Internet Has Changed Social Activities and Created New Cultural Norms

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The Internet Shay Billings American History 1/4/2011 ROBIN THOMAS The Internet In the 1990’s the internet has change society by reshaping it to a modern society. The internet has changed social activities and created new cultural norms. The internet brought new ways to contact people from all around the world and to bring news and information in one location. It also provided online banking, online shopping, and many more great things that provide by the internet. This also made it easier for hospitals to obtain you medical history in case of an emergency.

The Internet’s impact on the political process and information transparency Previously the only way politicians could reach the public was using the media or meeting people on the street. But now the internet lets the average citizen view each politician beliefs, life style and the changes they are trying to make. It also allows the political staff to communicate faster and helps their campaign. It also cuts down on cost on use less media such a televisions, radio, or newspapers and magazines.

The military has many uses for the internet such I was able to contact my husband while he was overseas and it kept us strong. The internet is good for military families because the availability to keep in contact with loved ones. In others ways it’s good for military for the GPS system for direction locations and it is easier to order supplies when needed. But the internet isn’t all good it makes it easier for children to get a hold of porn or sex offenders to get a hold of children or rape of women.

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There have been case of deaths , rapes and child porn because of the use of the internet. Such as the craigslist killers find people to come out be false stories and killed them. Not saying it’s the internet’s fault but it makes easier to for people to do harm to others. There is also cyber bullying that many teens are affected by today. Cyber bullying is when people use the internet, cell phones or other devices to post text or images that are intended to hurt or degrade another person.

Sites like Face book, MySpace, and many others allows peoples peers to say anything, about anyone. Many believe that they are doing no harm by doing this but it has cased suicides in many young teens because of depression. Even though these site where not attended for this it still causes harm. There are site blockers to help protect the children on the internet. That can help stop for children getting into harm. There was also the Dot-com boom and bust this was caused by everything producing to mush too fast.

Companies that couldn’t decide on their corporate creed were given millions of dollars and told to grow to Microsoft size by tomorrow. The internet was supposed to help the economy which in some ways it did, but in others it did not. The internet closed down many companies and family business such as video stores, news papers, and some magazine companies. As many more have gotten in debt because it easier to get a hold of a credit card or to get loans online. The internet also makes it easier for identify theft and stolen credit cards and account information.

This cause more debt for our society and its really helping are economy. In conclusion the internet has pros and cons people had taken something good and found away to corrupt it. It makes it easier for people’s life today but in ways it also destroys many lives as well. There internet has also brought development of new technology such as better computers, cell phones and many more yet to come. But much of the elderly today don’t want to learn or can’t learn how to us the new technologies.

But many jobs today you have to use these new technologies which lead elderly limited on what they can do. So you have to see if the pros outweigh the cons. Also what if we lose these technologies we become so dependable upon? resources Internet, impact on politics. (2008). In William A. Darity, Jr. (Ed. ), International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences (pp. 107-109). Read more: http://www. investopedia. com/features/crashes/crashes8. asp#ixzz1iVLlwNL1 http://abcnews. go. com/US/ohio-craigslist-killings-mother-teen-son-innocent/story? id=15038334

How the Internet Has Changed Social Activities and Created New Cultural Norms essay

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