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How I Became Famous

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One day I became famous . I was not a good singer, actress or dancer but when my mom told me to try out for acting, singing and dancing I said okay then. So first I try out for singing they said that was a the best audition ever I never seen anything that is fabulous you know what next time we will have a show you will sing on stage ok. Next I tried out for dancing they said that was wonderful! You made I said that’s great thanks I practice so hard thanks.The people said next time if we need a dancer we will call you I will call you in about one week ok bye.

After that I tried out for acting they said that was so, so good they loved every minute of it you made it. After movies being on the stage performing in front of thousand of I became famous I was doing singing everywhere and dancing everywhere and acting in movies. Singing Singing My first audition was for singing. Before I tried out I was not a good singer but my mom said to try out anyhow. It was at a studio were people auditioning for anything basically.There was about six hundred people there I felt so nervous because I never audition before . There was this girl she ask me for some water and I said sure thanks so drink before I went up so they called when I sang it was treble they said maybe it was something you eaten or drank I said I didn’t eaten anything in the past five minutes.

But I drank some water they said who gave you this water I pointed to the girl the judies said that’s Melinda I said oh are you finish this water I said yah there is a little bit left.So they drank it they spit it out and said that’s vinegar then Melinda came and said that’s why your water taste so bad I am so sorry I mess up you addition I said that’s ok . The judges said you may have one more chance I said thanks it means a lot to me and my mom. So I sang they loved it they said next time we have a show you will sing on stage ok. I said thanks so much when my mom hears about this she will love that I tried out after that my mom said I knew you will make it I said thank so much mom I love you so much. .

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How I Became Famous

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