How Come I Overcome My Challenge

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Describe your experience during a challenging time in your life. personally, either despite this challenge or because of it. 500 words Explain how you grew One of the most challenging experiences I have ever had was the first time I was a volunteer teacher. At first, I thought it would be a piece of cake for a sophomore to handle. However, it was an embarrassing and frustrating experience. What went wrong? Even after I asked them to be quiet several times, the students still kept talking. So I became more and more nervous, and spoke faster and faster. After a while, I just hoped the bell would ring.

After that class, I was extremely depressed and doubted whether I could continue teaching. I began to think of excuses, but then I realized that if I gave up, there would be nobody in charge of these students. Moreover, I could not surrender to these little children. So I decided to give myself one more chance, to try my best to finish this job. As soon as I made this decision, I tried to figure out the reason for my failure. I remembered that during my childhood, one teacher had left a great impression on me, as she got full marks in math for the college entrance exam.

So I respected her from the very beginning and listened attentively during her class. Then, I did some self-reflection. In the very beginning, in order to become familiar with my students, I had talked about my favorite cartoons and even imitated one character. Because of this, they saw me as a friend but not as a teacher. Then I thought about the method I had used to calm them down and realized they must be tired of hearing words such as “please be quiet”. I tried to think of some creative methods, ones that were distinct from the methods used by traditional teachers.

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Some of my classmates gave me a few suggestions. One of them was to have a student sing a song in front of the whole class if he was the last one to stop talking. During the second class I taught, I improved my self-introduction. I said that I had done very well in the very competitive college entrance exam, and this had earned me a place in the top business school in China. Moreover, last summer holiday I had worked in America for two months. These words not only improved my authority among the students but also gave me more confidence.

Later, I announced some new rules for the class, which would have students supervising each other. Thanks to these changes, I was able to control the class. Afterwards, even their teachers praised me for my remarkable improvement. The second class was a success, and I really value this experience which made me realize the importance of having a detailed plan. This is a very valuable lesson that will also help me in my role as an accountant. I also learned that, as an adult, I have to be responsible enough to do what I have promised; because giving up is not an option. 499 words

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