How Are the Articles of Confederation Provided an Effective Form of Government

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Question Analyze the degree to which the Articles of Confederation provided an effective form of government with respect to any two of the following Foreign relations, economic conditions, western lands Warrant The Articles of Confederation were designed to offer Americans the protection of a government without the tyranny associated with George III. During the time period in which they were in use, their effectiveness was tested through events dealing with foreign relations, economic conditions and the settlement of western lands.

Resolution Although the Articles experienced some success in dealing with western lands, the general effectiveness of the articles was poor and created potential problems for the young nation. Claim Under the Articles a system was established for the successful settlement of western lands. Data The Land Ordinance of 1787 divided the Northwest Territory into six square mile townships and set aside one section of each township for public education. The Northwest Ordinance established the method by which the Northwest Territory was to be divided into states.

Under this ordinance, there was to be no slavery in these territories and the population would determine a new state’s time of entering the union. These land ordinances were extremely effective and Grounds were utilized even after the Articles had been destroyed. Claim But not all of the events under the Articles were this successful. Grounds Internal economic conditions as well as foreign affairs developed in such a way that American livelihood was affected. ata After the Revolutionary War Britain maintained a stronghold in North America by maintaining their trading posts in the Northwest Territory. This action was in direct opposition to the terms agreed upon in the Treaty of Paris and dampened British-American relations. Since Britain was a major world power and America was only a fledgling nation, this posed a serious threat to the U. S. The British not only maintained these trading posts but encouraged Indian raids on American settlers and freely navigated the Great Lakes.

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Grounds This continuing British presence in the U. S. was a threat to American independence. Since Congress could not raise an army, it was difficult for the US to fight back. Data Within the states, inflation and individual debt because of hard money policies created unrest with the populace. Many farmers, like Daniel Shay, had sunk into debt because of unstable currencies of the states and resisted paying taxes to the states. Shay’s rebellion was a warning to the founding fathers of the ineptitude of the Articles of Confederation.

There was no national army and an army of farmers from the surrounding area had to be raised to put down the revolt. Grounds This was the final event which brought the need for a new form of government to the attention of the American people. Analysis Thus, although the Articles brought about some success as America’s first form of government, their ultimate achievements were minimal and proved that they could not offer the stability and protection demanded of a valid government.

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