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Customer service provided by Co-operative travel and Thomas Cook * Individuals * Groups * People of different cultures * Non-English speakers * People with specific needs * Business men and women. * Internal Thomas Cook: Individuals Thomas Cook needs to provide excellent customer service to a wide range of customers with different expectations and needs, by providing the right holiday for all customers. They also arrange singles holidays where individuals can enjoy the company of many other individuals on their holiday.

Most of the customers that book individual holidays are business men and women who may require accommodation with services such as telephone/modem link, wake up calls and newspapers. Groups Thomas Cook provides discounts for group holidays if a group has 9 or more travelling. This discount is normally provided by the tour operators therefore the holiday must be booked directly with the organisers of that particular holiday.

Any holidays booked for a group that consists of families will have to take into consideration the different ages and gender of the people travelling because they will require a range of activities to suite everyone. Thomas Cook have to make sure they are meeting the individual needs as well as the needs of the group. Group discounts will also be given to educational bookings e. g. euro Disney provide educational weekends which can be booked through travel agents. People of different cultures

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Customer Service Provided

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Thomas Cook have to make sure they accommodate for people of all cultures e. g. some religions don't eat beef, so for their in-flight meals they will have to make sure the food contains no beef at all. Also they have to make sure that they do not use any offensive or inappropriate language, attitude and moral behaviour. It is also the responsibility of Thomas cook to tell customers about the culture of the country that the customer is travelling to e. g. when my auntie went to Egypt she was told to cover her body, as in some parts of Egypt she may be harassed.

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