Hispanic Marketing Communication

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Welcome to Hipic Marketing Communication

This is a unique course part of an interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate Program and an Undergraduate Minor at FSU. It is also part of a larger effort called “The FSU Center for Hipic Marketing Communication,” the only one of its kind in the US. The intended participants for this course are students who intend to be professionally involved in serving the US Hipic market as marketers, service providers, advertisers, and/or advertising strategy developers. This course allows the student to place him/herself among the few professionals in the US that understand the US Hipic market. It should be clear that your proactive participation in this course will determine the extent to which you will benefit from the knowledge and practice that the course offers.

Many product and service providers, and their ad agencies, in the US, are actively pursuing the Hipic market. There are many employment opportunities for those who can show competence in addressing the needs and wants of US Hipics. FORMAT:  The course is designed for active participation. The discussion forums can be used to discuss any questions, comments, and observations that students want to make related to the weekly topic or Hipic Marketing Communication in general. Each student is expected to participate in meaningful discussions throughout the semester that indicate knowledge of the assigned material. In addition, the course will consist of weekly readings, PowerPoint presentations, papers, and/or discussion topics. The “Library” on Blackboard will be used to make many class materials available.

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TEXTS: The following text is REQUIRED

Hipic Marketing: A Cultural Perspective by Felipe Korzenny, Betty Ann Korzenny (2005). Publisher Butterworth-Heinemann- Elsevier. You can find this book at the university bookstore or on Amazon. com. Please make sure you have the text by the second week of class. In addition, a list of recommended readings will be posted on the course website.

OBJECTIVES: At the end of the semester the student will be able to:

  • Describe the US Hipic market according to its salient characteristics.
  • Enumerate the factors that make the Hipic market different from other culturally unique markets
  • Understand the dynamics that influence the uniqueness of the market
  • Interpret Hipic cultural patterns in a marketing framework
  • Identify strategic elements that enhance the communication between the marketer and the Hipic consumer.
  • Analyze and create segmentation approaches for reaching the Hipic market
  • Understand measurement and other methodological issues that influence how Hipic marketing research should be conducted
  • Conduct a Hipic marketing study to guide a marketing strategy
  • Generate a marketing strategy based on an understanding of the Hipic market and its segments
  • Generate positioning statements that will meet with success in the US Hipic market
  • Generate an advertising execution for the Hipic market

Address ethical issues in Hipic and culturally based market COURSE SCHEDULE, TOPICS, AND ASSIGNMENTS

The instructor has the right to change the syllabus. Any assignments or questions that are part of an assignment will be posted on Monday by 5:00 p. m. E. T. All assignments are due on Sunday by midnight E. T. Written assignments and papers should be submitted via the appropriate link on blackboard or discussion board thread and should NOT be sent to the instructor as email attachments. Assignments will usually take the form of short written papers or PowerPoint presentations. Each assignment is worth 10 points. Discussion Board: A percentage of your grade is based on your posts on the Discussion Boards. If you are required to post on the discussion board, it will be clearly indicated in that week's assignment. You must post at least twice to each discussion board unless otherwise specified in the discussion board assignment. One post should be your response to the questions posed in the discussion board. The other post should be a thoughtful response to another student’s post.

In order to receive credit, you must post your response to the posted discussion board questions by Thursday at midnight ET. In addition, you must post a response to another student’s post by Sunday at midnight ET. Your grade on the discussion board is based on participation. Each discussion board assignment is worth 10 points. However, in order to receive full credit for these posts, you must fulfill some basic requirements: - Posts should be a minimum of 150 words - Posts should be relevant to the topic being discussed, but should also attempt to introduce a new point of view or piece of information or otherwise further the discussion - Posts should use correct grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary appropriate for a university-level course. Misuse of the discussion boards will not be tolerated. Final Project: Individual students will prepare a 10 - 15 page paper (excluding tables and exhibits).

You have two options. Students (especially professional students) are encouraged to choose a final project which is relevant to their own field of expertise and interest. Students should begin research and planning for their final projects as soon as possible. The instructor and mentors are available to help you find resources, guide your research, etc. Please remember the wealth of resources available through the course library and the FSU library online databases. Notes that apply to all documents: -Should be typed in Serif 12 point font (Times, Arial, Century, etc. ) double-spaced with one-inch margins -Should have a table of contents -Should have a cover page with the project’s and student’s information -Each section should have a subtitle to identify it All appendices should be included at the end of the document with adequate reference to them in the body of the paper -References cited page should be included, in APA format Option A) A strategy document on how to market a specific product to a specific target in the US Hipic market.

The paper will include 10 points for each of the following bullet points (points will be deducted for going far under the page requirement, not backing up arguments with relevant research, etc.)

  • a. Definition of the problem including product and competitive environment (2 pages)
  • b. Statement of the marketing objectives (1 page)
  • c. Target segment and its justification (1 – 2 pages)
  • d. Identification of media resources and strategy (2 – 3 pages)
  • e. Positioning and message strategy based on consumer insights, part of which could be from personal interviews (2 – 3 pages)
  • f. Test of message and media approaches, which could be based on focus groups, personal interviews, etc (2 – 3 pages)
  • g. Guidelines for implementation (1 – 2 pages)
  • h. Suggestions for the evaluation of effectiveness (1 – 2 pages) 10 points for grammar, punctuation, style, etc. 10 points for correct citation of sources

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