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Companies that view values and social responsibility as integral part of the business operation would be able to attract and retain good and competent employees in the workplace. Rhonda Abrams and Eugene Kleiner noted that having a good corporate values and commitment is necessary to the success and growth of the business (p. 212). Good corporate citizens are produced when there is a positive and healthy corporate image. This too will produce positive feelings on the part of the employees and potential customers for the company.

Abrams and Kleiner mentioned that the basic component of social responsibility is to produce good corporate citizens; and good corporate citizen starts with corporate integrity (p. 212). Integrity is shown in the company’s commitment in promoting social responsibility with respect to the employees, customers, community, and even the government. The authors stated, “Businesses that act with integrity and honesty are more likely to have their employees act with integrity and honesty towards the company and their fellow workers” (p.

211). Good corporate citizens also suggest that employees involve themselves in the company’s commitment to enhance social good; that is through participating in programs that promote community causes. The idea goes beyond traditional outlook, which focuses on self-gain or self-interest, but it is seeing what the company may contribute to the community. Impact of Ethical Decision and Good Corporate Citizen to the Hospitality Industry

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Hospitality industry similar to other internationally known business requires ethics and good corporate citizen for several reasons. First, it is extremely exposed to environment where human rights law and internationally recognized standards are highly valued. Second, unless a business realizes its ethical and social responsibility to create a strong connection with the local community, it would be difficult to enter international market.

Third, employees burnout turns out ineffective or low performance. Some international human rights law that governs businesses are those of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Labour Organization. Some of the fundamental and universal rights being protected by these organizations are freedom from discrimination, peaceful assembly, thoughts and conscience, religion, and opinion and expression (Mitchell, p. 108).

Some of the values being at work in international hospitality business are teamwork, responsibility, safe and healthy workplace for employees, equality of opportunity, and professional growth of all employees (Mitchell, p. 108, 109) A hotel for example has to create a sense of strong connection in the local community by offering extra benefits to the customer, which includes local foods and drinks. This local identification may likewise helpful in creating good image of the company, which is equally important if the company would enter international market.

Competition is great in international market; likewise, good customer service is what can make an international hospitality business competitive. In the same manner, as stated by Abraham Pizam, employee burnout is common in hospitality industry that always affects the quality and quantity of work of the employees. For this reason, he suggested to address the industry burnout at least to reduce the problem through lifestyle modification, development of support network, and employment of relaxation for the employees (Pizam, p. 51). Conclusion

The issue of ethical decision-making and good corporate citizen is really important in all type of business especially in hospitality industry because people (customers and employees) are after for values and good service. Business rooted and founded on ethics and values are likely to stay strong and succeed in business because it builds trust and loyalty as in the case of employees to their employers or customers to the company. It even helps align disparity and lessens the possible threat of resistance among various stakeholders through its governing principles, which leads to the success of the business

It may take a lot of investment before one could set up corporate governance that believes and follows the ethics and corporate values; but, its impact is long lasting because it could pull people towards the company as they strongly believe on what the company believes in. Aside from that, it establishes a kind of image that is distinctly identifies the company. It helps create a good name that is sometimes above the rest in terms of goods and services that the company offers.


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