George Washington: A Truly Remarkable Fellow I Would Like to Meet

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The father of our country, George Washington, can easily be considered one of the greatest historical figures of our nations time. Washington had by no means a very easy work free life. He always had to work hard for what he wanted. His remarkable courage earned him respect everywhere he went. Perhaps, it was his loyalty to helping out his nation that earned him the fame that he never really wanted. A normal guy made great under the bravery of his own terms and want to help defend his home and country.

George Washington was born into a brick house near the junction of Pope's Creek and the Potomac River at on February 11, 1732. He acquired a short and local amount of schooling during his youth. His spelling was a little shaky even to the end of his life but it did improve somewhat over time and he developed large handwriting, He was Six feet tall, and lanky, He had rather long and lean arms and thighs, and he was flat chested basically a lurp. . He had strong but quite regular features, except that the upper part of this nose was unusually broad.

His face, exhibited the marks of smallpox. He had light blue eyes and brown hair. His teeth through no fault of his own became loose at a young age and had them pulled and did in fact, use wooden dentures. His health was fairly good throughout his life although he did occasionally have a bout with headaches and fevers and what he referred to as the or what could have been malaria or something like it.

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His involvement in the military was due to the connections he had through family ties. In December of 1752 his friend Colonel Fairfax was on the governor's council and Dinwiddie signed Washington to the area of southern Virginia. It was Washington who in 1754, ordered the first gunfire of the French and Indian War. In 1755, he finally became real hero in the fight against the French to drive them out of Fort Duquense. He oversaw and led in the battles of Camden, Cowpens, Germantown, King's Mountain, Brandywine, Trenton, Princeton, Valley Forge, and perhaps the most famous, the Battle of Bunker Hill. His military career evolved from the rank of major to the commander in chief over the entire United States military. About him was an aura of power, determination, dignity,and probity that impressed everyone. They knew he would neither betray the fight for independence or seek to become dictator or establish a monarchy.

In his letters he would refer to the United States as "my country" or "my bleeding country" which suggested that he abandoned the thought long ago of fighting not only for his home state of Virginia but for the whole Union. On June 15th of 1775 he was unanimously elected as the General and Commander in chief of the army of the United Colonies. He became the President of the United States of America on April 29th 1789.Under him the Congress constructed the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Very tired and weary he retired from being the President in 1792, where he entered into retirement at his plantation at Mount Vernon until his death on December 14th 1799.

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