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Regret: Best Friend

We did everything together, and I thought nothing could tear our friendship apart, but I was wrong. As the years past by, Rachel started making more friends and I felt that was being left out a lot and less popular. Our friendship was still there, …

Alexander HamiltonMiddle ClassThomas Jefferson
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Alexander Hamilton vs. Thomas Jefferson

Philosophically speaking, Thomas Jefferson based his political ideals from the writings of John Locke who assumed that the function of the government (as a trustee of the people) is to protect the rights, property, and liberty of the individual, in the pursuit of happiness. Thomas …

Alexander HamiltonTaxThomas JeffersonWealth
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Jeffersonian VS Hamiltonian Ideals

Alexander Hamilton was the sculptor who chiseled the rough edges of America’s economy away. He was the essential part in the plan to solve the massive war debt after the revolution. As a strong federalist, he had views that he and his party shared and …

Alexander HamiltonGovernmentUnited States
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Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr Duel

Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr meet at Weehawken on July 11, 1804 to end the long rivalry between both of them. The collision between Hamilton and Burr in 1804 was clear that they came from family backgrounds that have contributed to their rivalry. Burr was …

Alexander Hamilton
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Alexander Hamilton’s Financial Program

Alexander Hamilton was to say in 1792, “Most of the important measures of every government are connected with the Treasury”. This simple yet profound axiom he had come to as a result of his reflections on the nature of statecraft and the obligations of government. …

Alexander HamiltonBankCreditMoney
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Alexander Hamilton: A Founding Father Of The United States

Alexander Hamilton, a man who came from poverty and fought to stand for the better of the nation will always be remembered as one of the greatest founding fathers of America through his determination and allowing his voice to be heard. Hamilton was gifted with …

Alexander HamiltonAmerican HistoryFounding Fathers
Words 546
Pages 2
The Lasting Impression, Attributes, and Contributions of Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and William Clark

We all have attributes that define who we are and our ability to impact and crucial historical people appear to be no different, especially in the early republic and exploration phase. The advantage that history provides is it provides strong specific examples of people with …

Alexander HamiltonFounding Fathers
Words 603
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Alexander Hamilton: Memoirs and Contributions

If one must remember Alexander Hamilton, it must be for his ideals on man’s natural rights and parity. It is not however a question of nationalism but that of universalism. One could misinterpret his unique ideas on democracy yet what truly is the essence of …

Alexander HamiltonDemocracy
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The Huge Role of George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and Thomas Jefferson in the Building of Our Nation

After the Revolutionary War, our country had little to no government and no way to make it on our own. Some men stepped up to take on the job and they are known as our Founding Fathers. Three of the most known are George Washington, …

Alexander HamiltonFounding Fathers
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Early American Politics And The Role of Alexander Hamilton And Thomas Jefferson In It

America today is growing more and more divided by the year. This is detrimental to American society as a whole. Our current political standstills, most obvious in the United States Congress, have not always been this way. This complete lack of bipartisanship we see on …

Alexander HamiltonAmerican HistoryFounding Fathers
Words 1770
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Alexander Hamilton was an American revolutionary, statesman and Founding Father of the United States.

Charlestown, Saint Kitts and Nevis


July 12, 1804, Greenwich Village , New York, NY


Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton (m. 1780–1804)


Philip Hamilton, James Alexander Hamilton, Angelica Hamilton, Eliza Hamilton Holly


Buried: July 14, 1804, Trinity Church Cemetery

Party: Federalist Party

Frequently asked questions

What essays did Hamilton write?
Hamilton wrote a number of essays, most notably The Federalist Papers." In these essays, Hamilton argued in favor of the ratification of the Constitution and the creation of a strong federal government."
How many essays Alexander Hamilton wrote?
Alexander Hamilton wrote a total of 51 essays for The Federalist Papers, which were published between October 1787 and May 1788. These essays, which were written anonymously under the pen name Publius," argued in favor of ratifying the newly proposed Constitution of the United States. In addition to these 51 essays, Hamilton also wrote a number of other essays and pamphlets on political topics throughout his career."
What did Alexander Hamilton do that was important?
Alexander Hamilton was a leading figure in the early days of the United States. He was a delegate to the Continental Congress, a major author of the Federalist Papers, and the first Secretary of the Treasury.Hamilton was a strong advocate for a strong central government. He believed that the United States needed a powerful central government in order to be successful. He also believed that the central government should have the power to tax, to regulate commerce, and to raise an army.Hamilton's ideas were very influential in the early days of the country. He played a major role in shaping the Constitution. He also helped to ratify the Constitution and to get it ratified by the states.Hamilton's ideas about the central government were not always popular. He was often opposed by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. But, in the end, Hamilton's ideas about the central government won out. The United States has a strong central government today because of Alexander Hamilton.
What are 5 accomplishments of Alexander Hamilton?
Alexander Hamilton was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States and a key figure in the early history of the country. He was a leading author of the Federalist Papers, which played a major role in the ratification of the Constitution, and he was the first Secretary of the Treasury, serving under President George Washington.Hamilton was a major force in the establishment of the American financial system, and he played a key role in the development of the U.S. Mint and the creation of the national bank. He also helped to establish the Coast Guard and the New York Post.Hamilton was a passionate advocate for the rights of the states and the people, and he helped to shape the young nation into the strong and prosperous country it is today.

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