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Functionalist Perspective on Family Meeting The significant event I have chosen to observe using my new sociological lenses from a functionalist perspective is our family meeting due to preparations for Aunty Mal’s 21st birthday party. All age groups from grandparents to parents and children have gathered here at Opa and Oma’s house for one purpose and that is to plan and host the most fun and memorable birthday party.

Our grandparents decided to have the party at their house seeing that it holds all our childhood memories, is easy to find, has enough space for our large amount of gathering family and friends and they also wanted to show off their newly renovated two-storey house. Everyone has been divided into groups and given certain roles to play and contributions to make. I will express my experience from these preparations and the celebration of one of our family member’s special day of her life. Turning 21 comes with expectations, it is the age where you are given a key and the key symbolises the ‘beginning or entering’ to a new matured world” or so the elder’s say. The first point I will talk about is the roles played by each family member. Secondly are the interactions between individuals within the groups, interactions between different groups and the interactions between the groups and guests. Lastly is the outcome of this experience.

So by the end of my essay I hope you have an idea or you have managed to see through my sociological lenses of my experience from a functionalist perspective. First of all there were six groups we had been divided into. There was the children’s group, who were to choose games to play or movies to watch to keep them entertained and out of the grown-ups area. Then there was the girl’s group (I was in this group) who were given the role of decorations including cleaning up the house, setting up the tables which must have matching plates and cups and wrapping the chairs when they arrived.

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The boy’s group were given the role of setting the lights, chairs, clearing out the backyard and providing the sound system including the DJ and by requests of the elderly people, they were to mix it up and have both old and modern music played. The men’s group were given the role of providing drinks and ice. The women’s group were obviously given the role of preparing the food and having all our mothers there, they had an advantage of knowing what we wanted to eat. Finally there was the elderly people’s group who were in charge of the guest list, tasting the food and nsuring everything is done and was in place. Secondly I witnessed interactions between individuals within groups. Through laughter individuals hit it off well seeing that they were within their own age groups and having the same idea or similar makes it easier to connect with each other. There was the interaction between different groups and then the problem started e. g. there was a disagreement between the girls and boys group about what songs are played, whether by a female or male artist.

We came to an agreement that satisfied both groups. There was also the interaction between groups and guests. Serving with a smile by individuals in groups and cheerful compliments from guests on one side while catching up on gossips or mocking whoever is the night’s victim on the other. Endless conversations between duos, groups of threesome or more people interacting and moving from one circle to another meant that they were enjoying each other’s company and wanted to get to know others.

Lastly as the night came to an end, the birthday girl said a little speech and she touched up on ‘importance of family and how seeing family and friends enjoying themselves and each other’s company makes puts a smile on her face’. She thanked her family and friends for being there to help celebrate her 21st birthday. She also mentioned ‘the night being fun and memorable and wherever she goes she will cherish the moments with her family and friends. The celebration would not have been possible if not for the hard work and input of her family.

She is the woman she is today thanks to her family and she would not ask for anything else as she has everything she needs or wants in them. She is happy, so is everyone else and they are pleased with themselves and without everyone having a function the night would not have ended well. To conclude, due to individuals and groups putting in, playing a role or having a function to contribute to, the night has turned out to be successful. With each individual in groups playing their roles it has resulted in a smooth fun party and cherished memories.

Without the interactions of individuals or groups the night would have been lame and boring and even though there was one misunderstanding they managed to make both sides satisfied. If one group had not played their role there would have been a conflict and the whole family preparation would have been ruined. The main point is that from my functionalist perspective, the purpose was achieved, that is to have a fun and memorable party. Socialising and interaction between individuals and groups contributed to the smoothly planned nights guest’s departing happily and all functions have been played accordingly. Thank you

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