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With vast referencing to Allah in the various stories compiling The Arabian Nights, comparison of story to the teachings of the Quran are a warranted article for evaluation.  In the introductory story, Story of King Shahryar and His Brother, the King discovers his wife to …

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Love Marriage

As I took my marriage vows in the House of God, my glittery white wedding gown sparkling in the sun seemed like a symbol of my bright future with the man of my dreams. I looked into his passionate dark eyes, and realized that once …

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Gender and Sexulaity

Jackie Pappas Professor Winchock ENWR 106-AN March 5, 2013 Paper #2 – Middle Draft Gender & Sexuality Our everyday lives are greatly affected by ones gender and sexuality. They shape who we are and define our identities. Society expects a certain gender to behave in …

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Islamic Women

Islamic Women… Is There an End to their sufferings? The question proposed in the title is basically a direct response after going through Geraldine Brooks’ essay “Nine Parts of Desire; The Hidden World of Islamic Women” in its second chapter. Geraldine poses several ideas and …

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Frequently asked questions

Why do we love our wife?
There are many reasons why we love our wife. She may be our best friend, closest confidante, and the one person we can always count on. We may appreciate her intelligence, beauty, and sense of humor. We may admire her strength, resilience, and compassion. We may simply enjoy spending time with her and cherish her companionship. Whatever the reasons, our love for our wife is deeply rooted and often grows stronger over time.
Why is a wife important?
A wife is important because she is a woman who is married to a man. She is someone who can help to make a man's life more complete and full. A wife can be a source of love, support, and companionship. She can also be someone who can help to make a man's life more stable and secure.
How do love my wife?
Everyone expresses love differently. However, some thoughtful and caring ways to show love to your wife may include: spending quality time together, engaging in thoughtful conversations, being affectionate and present, doing thoughtful gestures like surprises or planning special outings, and always being supportive. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide how best to show love to their wife, but these are just a few suggestions to get started.
How do you write wife?
Depending on the context in which you are writing, you may choose to spell wife as w-i-f-e" or "w-i-f-e-d.""

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