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A Pair of Silk Stockings and The Wagner Matinee

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A Pair of Silk Stockings" and "A Wagner Matinee" and "The These two novels have a lot in common. Each of them has its own storyline but each seems to discuss the same topic and have the same meaning. Woman in that time were greatly underrepresented ad were unable to do a lot of things that they wanted to do in their life. They were expected to be nothing more than mothers and wives. Each of these novels portrays something more, and how they were able to enjoy themselves outside of family life.

In the novel "A pair Of Silk Stockings" Mrs.. Somers splurges a little bit even though it goes against all the responsibilities she has as a mother and wife, she does something for herself. In "A Wagner Matinee" Aunt Georgian has gotten into the habit, the same as Mrs.. Somers, of just being a wife and a mother. The story shows a time when Georgian was able to be herself before she had kids and gained responsibility for them, a time where she loved music and to create music.

She is able to relive that in the story because f her nephew and what he did for her by taking her to the musical even if it seemed she wasn't interested. Looking at the two and comparing them you see two woman who have forgotten what it is like to do things for themselves, who have focused so much of their energy on being a wife and a mother that they cannot remember spending time and money on themselves. In this time period that each of them take place in it must have been hard to care for a family and it must have taken a lot of energy, each lady got the opportunity.

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A Pair of Silk Stockings and The Wagner Matinee essay

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