Essays on Three Day Road

Essays on Three Day Road

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Analysis of the Main Character in Three Day Road

Arthur Joseph Boyden represents Carl Jung’s idea that humans often create a persona in order to be perceived by society in a certain way through the journey of the main character in the novel ‘Three Day Road’. Joseph Boyden illustrates the idea that war may …

Three Day Road
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Three Day Road is the first novel from Canadian writer Joseph Boyden. Joseph’s maternal grandfather, as well as an uncle on his father’s side, served as soldiers during the First World War, and Boyden draws upon a wealth of family narratives.
Originally published

March 17, 2005


Historical Fiction , Canadian Literature , World War I, First Nations


400 p. (Penguin Group Canada trade paperback edition)

Frequently asked questions

What is the message of Three Day Road?
The message of Three Day Road is that the horrors of war cannot be comprehended by those who have not experienced them firsthand. The novel follows the experience of two Indigenous Canadian soldiers during World War I, and the novel argues that the true cost of war is borne by those who fight it. The novel is a contemplation of the cost of war, and how its participants can never truly understand its true cost.
What is the plot of Three Day Road?
The novel tells the story of two Cree soldiers, Xavier Bird and Elijah Weesaw, who serve as snipers in the Canadian Army during World War I. Xavier is severely wounded in battle and is sent home to recuperate. Elijah, who is traumatized by his experiences, decides to stay in the army and is killed in action. Xavier returns home to his First Nations community, where he is haunted by his memories of the war and Elijah. He tries to find peace by going on a traditional Cree hunting and fishing trip, but he is ultimately unsuccessful.
What happens at the end of three day road?
The end of Three Day Road is both sad and hopeful. Xavier and Elijah return to their home in the northwoods, where they find that their families have been devastated by the war. Xavier's mother and sister are dead, and Elijah's entire family is gone. However, the two men find some solace in each other's company, and they decide to stay together and rebuild their lives.
How does Elijah change in Three Day Road?
Elijah changes a great deal over the course of Three Day Road. When the novel begins, he is a young man who is eager to go to war and prove himself. He is naive and idealistic, and he believes that the war will be an adventure. He is also very close to his cousin, Xavier, and the two of them share a strong bond.As the novel progresses, Elijah experiences the horror of war and the loss of Xavier. He is no longer the same person who went to war, and he is haunted by what he has seen and done. He is also struggling with alcoholism, and he is struggling to find a reason to live.Near the end of the novel, Elijah has a vision of Xavier, which helps him to finally let go of his pain and begin to heal. He also decides to return to his home in Canada and try to build a new life.

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