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Application of demand and control theory to measure the well-being of care workers

Abstract Aims & Objectives: The purpose of this study was to understand the impacts of psychosocial factors on the psychological wellbeing of care workers in a care home setting. Design: The study employed a quantitative descriptive research methodology. Methods: The validated instruments used were Cope …

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Multiple Intelligence Theory and Its Application to Education

The discourse surrounding multiple intelligence theory (MI) and its integration into education has been that of much debate. Written as an opposition to IQ testing, MI was originally developed as an alternate account of cognitive function, initially identifying seven distinct intelligences (verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, spatial, …

EducationMultiple IntelligenceTheory Application
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Nonverbal communication theory and application

Introduction A good and appropriation communication enhances to a congenial environment in work place, family and in society. In fact communication depicts and reveals true personality and character of a person depending on the jargon, demeanor and etiquette displayed at every level of life style. …

CommunicationNon Verbal CommunicationTheoriesTheory Application
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Case Study of Personality Theory Application

Case Study of Personality Theory Application According to the text, personality is defined as a distinctive relatively stable pattern of behavior, thoughts, motive, and emotions that characterize an individual. (Nevid, et al. 2006) In the case study of Helen, an understanding of her personality would …

Case StudyPersonalityTheoriesTheory Application
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Stakeholder Theory Application

Stakeholder theory, popular in the sass, advised that corporations should look beyond the shareholders theory of profit minimization, and take into consideration other stakeholder groups that the company is associated with, and have involved in their legitimate interests or contribution to the company (Ninja and …

TheoriesTheory Application
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