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Nokia Corporation – Marketing Relationships

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Nokia is one of the world's leading mobile phone supplier as well as a leading supplier of mobile and fixed telecom networks that also includes customer services related to their supplies. Moreover, the company also allocates extensive time and resources in order to create standards and specifications for the communications industry. The company works for promoting standards that counterpart the need of the customers. Nokia is basically a consumer led company that continuously works to progress in making its customers involved with the technology and global communications.

One of the most vital modes of communication that is being adopted by the people today is to include the web and the social networks as the people want to stay connected with the world and this is what Nokia promises to its customers by continuously upgrading its technology.  Marketing relationship Marketing relationship is basically a form of direct marketing and it aims to retain the customers by focusing on the long term value of keeping the customers. Moreover, it also enhances the current customers and attracts new customers.

This is the reason why it is important to Nokia Corporation. In order to explore relationships for the case of Nokia Corporation, there are some theoretical frameworks that I would be using in this paper. Some of the relationships involved are internal and some are external and these include the suppliers and customers’ etc. along with some other special relationships such as green marketing and e-relationship, etc. Environmental issues are becoming very prevalent in today’s world.

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The question is why the environment and its concerns are becoming more prevalent, important and famous now. For this, we will need to look at the history. For decades we have neglected this seemingly dangerous issue due to which it has been going unnoticed. The reason we never before paid heed to this concern or issue is because this issue’s repercussions were not evident in the previous years. As no such notice regarding this issue was taken into consideration, it could not even be rectified.

Therefore, in order to compensate with this, Nokia Corporation does green marketing because any civilized organization in the world would make certain that they are operating while taking care of the ethics especially the ethics. (Andersen, 2004). The company does the following to cater to this.

  • Recycle
  • Create - Nokia creates, mobile devices, software,services and accessories that reduce their impact on the environment.
  • Responsibility – Nokia Corporation works to reduce its global environmental impact while helping the customers to make sustainable choices.
  • • Saving energy – this is done by managing consumption and also by finding out new means of energy that can help save energy.
  • Support – Nokia works with organisations that provide power and this is done to take action on environmental issues. •
  • Evolvement – ways in which the company can further protect eh environment.

Evaluation of managing relationships Nokia Corporation manages its stakeholders very well. The customers are very important to the company and as mentioned above, Nokia Corporation has adopted certain strategies to manage them. This helps the company to meet market and transaction uncertainties by problem solving abilities. The customers are very important for Nokia Corporation as the customers are the ones who generate the customer’s sales and enable Nokia to generate profits. Nokia does not only have to meet the standards of the existing customers but the company also needs to manage relationship with the suppliers and the intermediaries. Furthermore, Nokia Corporation can manage the relationship by opting for the following

  • Loyalty schemes
  • Membership club
  • Customer relationship management

Customer Relationship Management

Nowadays the trend of customer relationship management is increasing day by day. More and more companies are becoming aware of the fact how important customer relationship management is. As the customer is getting aware about the products, they also have complaints about them that have to be handled carefully and patiently by the customer relationship officers. The types of methodologies that help a company to maintain customer relationships in an organized way are called customer relationship management.

It’s not always that customer might have any complaints but they might also have some suggestions for further improvement or there can also be prospective customers who would want to know more about the company. Therefore, Nokia’s strategy is also to build trusted consumer relationships and they do this by offering compelling and valued consumer solutions along with combined beautiful devices with context enriched services. These techniques do work and also turn out to be effective for Nokia Corporation.

Internal Maintaining relationships internally is important for Nokia Corporation for which they provide training, staff development and crater to the needs of personal relationship, etc. To give their candidates the best value they can get from the organization, Nokia Corporation makes sure that it provides the job that the person wants. If the employee is more flexible about their preferred job and location, the more likely the company will be able to give what the employee wants.

Once Nokia Corporation finds a suitable vacancy, the employee will be invited to a ‘Get to Know You’ session. This is for them to meet the business managers they’ll be working with, as well as some of their team, and find out more about the position. It also gives everyone an opportunity to double check whether there’s a good match. If there is, they’ll be made a formal offer of employment. Should a suitable match be lacking at this point, the company will continue to explore other opportunities with the employees over the following one year.

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