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An Essay on Leadership Philosophy

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Whether it's from positive or negative experiences a change is inevitable. The way one sees them as a leader is a leadership philosophy. This philosophy assists leaders while making choices, how they act in positive situations and how they think. The majority philosophies are biased by external and internal forces.

Supervisor can amend the way they lead by changing their leadership philosophy. While a human being expands or advances with more knowledge their leadership philosophy can also transform. Leaders need to examine and disclose upon themselves their individual morals, ethics and expectations regarding leadership.

All leadership philosophies advance over a period of time. Proficiencies both encouraging and philosophy in leadership is while focusing what role a health care leader should play, what leadership theory they should follow and why leaders should follow that theory (UOP, 2013). This paper will also describe current sphere of influence, explaining how a leader in her current position.

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All leadership philosophies evolve over time. Whether it's from positive or negative experiences a change is inevitable the philosophy she describes (UOP, 2013). Finally, the writer will address how she envisions the use of informal, formal, positive, and negative power as it applies to her personal philosophy of leadership (UOP, 2013).

A crucial characteristic in health care in today's atmosphere is leadership. To be an effective leader communication is the primary key amongst the leader and the staff. All leaders need to communicate their core principles as well as the corporation core principles and the leader's philosophy of leadership. A successful leader also has to have a vision for where he or she wants to be in the future (Daughtery, 2009).

Leaders must also have strategies on how they are going to accomplish objectives; a plan on how to achieve a goal (Daughtery, 2009). While working for the Broward County Health Department as a clerk typist specialist in school health the ability to change the sign process with the nurses was challenging at first. The nurses would call in every morning for me to sign them in for the day however some of the nurses would say that they called me to check in which was incorrect they were absent. A process was implemented that the nurses had to come to the office to sign in before going out in the field this influenced changed and there were no more signing issues.

Leadership philosophy unites connections, understanding the organizations goals and vision, awareness, variety, mentoring and developing. One of the leader primary purposes is to build positive relationship with the staff. Building positive relationships with the staff can be challenging due to the diversity of the staff.

As a leader in the writers current position one wants his staff to feel that they are trustworthy and understand the vision, and mission of the organization as well. This writer is a leader in her current position and the style of leadership she displays is transformational leadership. The writers is a transformational leader because she is responsible for getting results in a timely and positive manner and she encourages the staff to work together to reach the goals of the organization. The writer's staff is great to work with; the morale is great in the military corporate office.

Leadership is a multifaceted spectacle, containing continuous interaction of three critical elements: the leader, the followers, and the surrounding situation or context (Wren, 1995, p. 125). Improving leadership involves extensive expertise about every component and the affiliations of each element to the other. The implementation of this knowledge governs the quality of the leadership skills, which is crucial to the endurance of the corporation. According to Bass (1990), effective leadership makes a difference in the subordinates' satisfaction and performance while making the difference in whether the organization succeeds or fails.

Transformational leaders have an ability to overcome the Status quo, in this way they can encourage the creative development of their staff. These leaders find new manners of doing things and thus grant their followers with an immense opportunity to learn. Transformational leadership brings trust, honor respect and recognition for the leaders and they start to serve as a role model for its followers. This creates an idealized influence of the leader upon its followers, which is impossible with a traditional leadership style (Cherry, 2011).

Transformational Leadership has a great role in altering and maintaining values, beliefs and behaviors and attitudes in a given company. Transformational leadership is something that is essential to bring some positive changes amongst the individuals. The social system of an organization consists of leaders and followers; the leader has to decide the course of action of individuals belonging to different departments.

There are various elements through which the leader of an organization can improve the morale of its staff, for example, he can do it by enhancing their motivation and polishing their performance. A leader with good communication skills can very easily meet the challenges of transformational leadership, his ability to connect himself with employees can make him to understand their strengths and weaknesses, in this way the leader will be in a good position to give them a task that matches the level of their performance (Bass, Riggio, 2006, p. 144).

The use of informal, formal, positive and negative leadership depends on the individual style of leadership and what type of outcomes they are looking to gain. People will follow a person who inspires them. A person with vision and passion can achieve great things.

The way to get things done is by injecting enthusiasm and energy. Transformational Leaders are always visible and will stand up to be counted rather than hide behind their troops. They show by their attitudes and actions how everyone else should behave. They also make continued efforts to motivate and rally their followers, constantly doing the rounds, listening, soothing and enthusing.

One of the traps of Transformational Leadership is that passion and confidence can easily be mistaken for truth and reality. Whilst it is true that great things have been achieved through enthusiastic leadership, it is also true that many passionate people have led the charge right over the cliff and into a bottomless chasm. Just because someone believes they are right, it does not mean they are right. Practically speaking, negative reinforcement presents ethical issues so shrewd leaders focus on developing influence through the use of positive reinforcement to increase the likelihood of desired behavior.

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