Essays on John Donne

Essays on John Donne

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John Donne’s Poetic Philosophy of Love

For the enormously complex and vexed John Donne (1572-1631), the one in whom all “contraries meet,” (Holy Sonnet 18), life was love—the love of women in his early life, then the love of his wife (Ann More), and finally the love of God. All other …

GodJohn DonneLovePhilosophyPoetry
Words 1013
Pages 4
John Donne Life Stages Through Facts and His Poems

John Donne was a poet of XVI century. As a poet, he often wrote about love, influence by the stages of his life. He is often referred to as the chief of Metaphysical poetry, a specific type of writing. John’s life was tormented, and this …

John DonneLIFEPoem
Words 618
Pages 3
Analysis of John Donne’s The Flea

Most of John Donne’s work during his time frame was usually seen as being vulgar or too much, usually for the sexual themes he put behind them. But being the witty and clever author John Donne was, it is by no surprise that most people …

BooksJohn Donne
Words 1401
Pages 6
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Broken Heart Poem by John Donne

The broken heart is a love poem . In this poem John Donne has a broken heart and he embodies his suffering in a various dramatic ways. As he wants to show us that the grief in love is much more than any other kinds …

Broken HeartJohn DonneLovePoetry
Words 720
Pages 3
Review on John Donne’s ‘Holy Sonnet 14’

“Holy Sonnet 14” by John Donne speaks quite profoundly to me because I have been going through a similar conflict in my life. Donne in this poem describes the believer’s conflict between the sinful nature and their new Godly nature given to him when he …

John DonneSonnet
Words 360
Pages 2
Batter my heart, three-personed God by John Donne

Analyzing the poem by John Donne closely, we can see that he used a lot of figures of speech in order to convey what he feels. In the first line, when he said “three-personed God,” he was referring to the Father, Son, and the Holy …

EmotionsGodJohn Donne
Words 82
Pages 1
John Donne as an Innovative Poet

John Donne’s position as a revered and respected poet is not unjustified. The depth and breath of literary works written about him along with the esteemed position he held among his comtemporaries is evidence of his popularity. As a metaphysical poet his poetry was frequently …

John DonnePoetry
Words 994
Pages 4
Analysis On John Donne’s Holy Sonnet 14

As a Christian, John Donne writes his Holy Sonnet 14: Batter My Heart, Three-Personed God as a traditional orthodox prayer. He writes in the context of addressing God with praise at the beginning and the end of his prayer. In his prayer he also admits …

John DonneSonnet
Words 748
Pages 3
Batter My Heart, Three-person’d God by John Donne

The poem “Batter My Heart, Three-person’d God” by John Donne is a prayer to God from the poet. Donne is a struggling sinner, and the poem is his desperate cry for help. He wants God to be in his life, no matter how difficult and …

EmotionsGodJohn Donne
Words 993
Pages 4
Literary Anaylisis John Donne

Terra Goodfellow Mrs. Ashmore English Dual Credit IV 14 November 2012 Literary Analysis of “Sweetest Love” by John Donne John Donne was believed to be one of the greatest poets and preachers of the 1600’s. He was very witty and educated, but also very emotional. …

John DonnePoetry
Words 1524
Pages 6
Explore the various arguments used by John Donne to achieve his aim

Donne’s main aim in the poem is to persuade his lover to go to bed with him, to do this he uses various techniques and arguments throughout the poem to tempt her into doing so. We see Donne trying to lure his partner into sleeping …

ArgumentsJohn Donne
Words 469
Pages 2
John Donne and Reformation

John Donne was born in Bread Street, London in 1572 to a prosperous Roman Catholic family – a precarious thing at a time when anti-Catholic sentiment was rife in England. His father, John Donne, was a well-to-do ironmonger and citizen of London. Donne’s father died …

John Donne
Words 1310
Pages 5
An Analysis of Holy Sonnet 14 by John Donnes

As a Christian, John Donne writes his Holy Sonnet 14: Batter My Heart, Three-Personed God as a traditional orthodox prayer. He writes in the context of addressing God with praise at the beginning and the end of his prayer. In his prayer he also admits …

John DonneLiteratureSonnet
Words 799
Pages 3
The Growing Up of John Donne in His Love Poetry

The Growing up of John Donne in his Love Poetry “Love, all alike, no season knows, nor clime, nor hours, days, months, which are the rags of time” is a quote from John Donne which talks about how love defies time however he did not …

Growing UpJohn DonneLove
Words 1795
Pages 7
A Description of Mediation 17 as a Contemplation Written by John Donne

Meditation 17 is a contemplation written by John Donne. He is considered to be the foremost metaphysical poet. Born Catholic, Donne aspired in his youth to be a courtier. He was appointed to a higher position in the Anglican Church and he became a great …

John DonneMeditation
Words 607
Pages 3
Keeping Romance Real

In seeking to discover if the classic fathers of poetry can prove beneficial to the marketing of teen romance films, the poems of Shakespeare, Donne and Dryden should be revisited.  After all, William Shakespeare wrote over one hundred love sonnets, so certainly something should provide …

John DonneSonnet 116William Shakespeare
Words 1039
Pages 4
Patronage of Death and Tries to Dispel the Fears Associated With It

Ideas and themes change according to the different times and the historical, social, cultural and personal context of the time they are written In, with the texts either reflecting or contrasting the Ideas of that time. Death and mortality and the spiritual and emotional connections …

BeliefDeathJohn DonneReligion
Words 858
Pages 4
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John Donne was an English poet, scholar, soldier and secretary born into a recusant family, who later became a cleric in the Church of England. Under royal patronage, he was made Dean of St Paul's Cathedral in London. He is considered the preeminent representative of the metaphysical poets.

January 22, 1572, London, United Kingdom


March 31, 1631, London, United Kingdom


Anne (m. 1601–1617)


Lucy Donne, George Donne, Constance Donne, Francis Donne, Mary Donne, Nicholas Donne


Elizabeth Heywood, John Donne

Frequently asked questions

What is John Donne's most famous poem?
John Donne's most famous poem is The Flea." The poem is about a man trying to seduce a woman by telling her that the flea they are both squashing is actually a symbol of their sexual union. He argues that since the flea has sucked their blood, it has essentially consummated their relationship and they may as well give in to their desires. The woman is not convinced, and the poem ends with the man giving up and squashing the flea."
Why is Donne important?
Donne was an important poet of the early 17th century for a number of reasons. Firstly, he was one of the key figures in the development of the metaphysical poetry genre. This type of poetry, which was characterized by its use of complex conceits and intellectual wordplay, was hugely influential in the subsequent generations of poets. Secondly, Donne was a master of the sonnet form, and his poems in this style are some of the finest in the English language. Finally, Donne was also a significant thinker on religious matters, and his writings on faith and spirituality continue to be highly respected.
What is the theme of John Donne's poem?
One possible theme of John Donne's poem is the idea that love can conquer all. This is seen in the way that the speaker talks about how love can break through any barriers, even death itself. Additionally, the speaker talks about how love is something that is worth fighting for, even if it means making sacrifices.
What is Metaphysical poetry by John Donne?
Metaphysical poetry is a form of poetry that was popularized in the 17th century by English poet John Donne. Metaphysical poetry is characterized by its use of intellectual and often complex conceits, as well as its use of metonymy, allegory, and simile. Metaphysical poetry often explores themes of love, religion, and death.

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