Essays on William Butler Yeats

Essays on William Butler Yeats

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The Irish Rebellion of 1641, his mother reading Irish folktales to him as a child, and William Blake’s use of fiction influenced William Butler Yeats to write “The Curse of the Fire and the Shadows”. Yeats is a huge part of 20th century English and …

William Butler Yeats
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William Butler Yeats

To Yeats, his ideas of the Irish politics of his time were never far from his modernist poems. He makes the political world seem a place of passion and contradictions, like art, requiring of us not to understand history in moral terms, such as “good …

PoetryWilliam Butler Yeats
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William Butler Yeats was an Irish poet, dramatist, writer and one of the foremost figures of 20th-century literature.

June 13, 1865, Sandymount, Ireland


January 28, 1939, Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, France


Georgiana Hyde-Lees (m. 1917–1939)


Buried: September 1948, Drumcliffe Cemetery, Ireland



Frequently asked questions

What did William Butler Yeats write about?
William Butler Yeats was an Irish poet and playwright. He wrote about a wide range of topics, from love and loss to Irish folklore and mythology. He is one of the most celebrated poets in the English language, and his work has been a major influence on generations of writers.
Why is William Butler Yeats important?
William Butler Yeats was an important figure in the Irish Literary Revival, and was one of the foremost poets of the 20th century. He was a driving force behind the founding of the Abbey Theatre, and his plays and poems helped to shape the course of Irish drama and poetry. He was also a major influence on the development of the modernist movement in poetry.
What is Yeats most famous poem?
Yeats' most famous poem is The Second Coming." The poem is a prophetic poem that describes the chaos that will precede the end of the world. The poem is known for its use of imagery and its mysterious and dark tone."

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