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Essays on Bruce Dawe

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Homecoming by Bruce Dawe

Homecoming by Bruce Dawe The Vietnam War was the “unpopular” war and was intensely criticized by the Australian people for the reasons stated in the poem, Homecoming, by Bruce Dawe. In the poem “Homecoming” by Bruce Dawe, Dawe identifies his personal concerns of the Vietnam …

Bruce DawePoetry
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Bruce Dawe Speech

The poem ‘Life Cycle’ traces the life of an Aussie Rules Football supporter from birth to death – hence the title ‘Life Cycle’. ‘Life Cycle’ essentially explains that you are born and raised in a house with a family who influence your every move and …

AustraliaBruce DaweLovePoetrySport
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Bruce Dawe Poem Essay

Good morning/afternoon everyone. I am sure that many of you will agree with me, after studying and discussing in class war poetry, that war is destructive; it destroys properties and lives. It is also the meaning if not dehumanizing as Owen in his ‘Dulce et …

Bruce DawePoetry
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Donald Bruce Dawe AO was an Australian poet and academic. Some critics consider him one of the most influential Australian poets of all time. Dawe received numerous poetry awards in Australia and was named an Officer of the Order of Australia. He taught literature in universities for over 30 years.

February 15, 1930, Fitzroy, Australia


April 1, 2020, Caloundra, Australia


FAW Christopher Brennan Award


Ethel Dawe, George Dawe, Violet Dawe, Annie Dawe


Bruce Dawe AO: Bruce Dawe; AO

Books: Sometimes gladness, Weapons Training, Sometimes Gladness - Collected Poems, 1954-1978

Frequently asked questions

What did Bruce Dawe write about?
Bruce Dawe is an Australian poet who writes about a wide range of topics, from social commentary to personal reflections. In his poetry, Dawe often tackles issues of consumerism, violence, and the individual's place in society. He also frequently writes about his own life experiences, which gives his poetry a relatable and down-to-earth quality.
Why is Bruce Dawe important?
Bruce Dawe is an important Australian poet who has written many poems that capture the Australian experience and way of life. His poems often deal with themes of mateship, mateship, and the Australian landscape. He has a unique voice that is both accessible and challenging, and his work is widely taught in schools and universities.
What is the message of homecoming by Bruce Dawe?
The message of homecoming by Bruce Dawe is that of the futility and pointlessness of war. The poem is set during the Vietnam War and follows the journey of the dead soldiers as they are brought back to their homeland. The poem highlights the wastefulness of war and the human cost that is incurred. The poem also highlights the way in which war can be dehumanising, with the soldiers being referred to as packages" and "cargo". The message of the poem is that war is a senseless and futile exercise that results in nothing but death and destruction."
What influenced Bruce Dawe?
Firstly, he was born in 1930 in Victoria, Australia, during the Great Depression. This had a significant impact on his upbringing and shaped his views on society. Secondly, Dawe's father was a World War I veteran who was injured in the conflict. This also had a profound effect on Dawe and his understanding of war and its consequences. Finally, Dawe was a voracious reader from a young age, and this had a major impact on his writing. He was exposed to a wide range of literature, both Australian and international, which shaped his own writing style.

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