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Thesis statement for The Lady Or The Tiger

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The king was supposed to punish the bad people by putting them in the arena, but by having her lover out there was more of a punishment to her. The kings method of "semi-barbaric justice" is an example of verbal irony-You don't expect a barbaric person to understand the civilized notion of justice. It's ironic because his thought process behind his "punishment" makes logical sense, but the actions performed are barbaric. The last example of situational irony is that the king built a stadium for his justice, and the person accused of the crime has to choose a door.

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If they choose the door with the tiger behind it they are found guilty automatically. Regardless or not if the are guilty, and they die. If they choose the other door rather they are really guilty or not, they get to live and are made to marry the person behind the door. There are a few very obvious examples of irony in this story. All three back up the thesis statement.

Thesis statement for The Lady Or The Tiger essay

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What happened in the lady or the tiger?

The sweetheart is constrained into a field where he should open one of two entryways. Behind one entryway is a tiger. Behind the other entryway is a woman that he would be compelled to wed. The woman is a lovely lady of whom the princess, the semi-brutal lord's semi-primitive girl, is desirous.

What is the message of the lady or the tiger?

The focal topic in Straight to the point Stockton's "The Woman or the Tiger?" is decisions and results. The reason of the story rotates around the semi-primitive ruler whose arrangement of equity highlights letting the denounced pick between two indistinguishable entryways, one of which has a horrible tiger and the other a reasonable woman.

Who is the main character in the lady or the tiger?

The hero of the story is the youngster, an everyday person, who is love with the princess. The opponent is the ruler, who has tossed him behind bars for subtly pursuing his girl.

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