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American Jews and their religion

The word Jew is used in a number of ways, but generally refers to a follower of the Jewish faith, the offspring of a Jewish mother or someone of Jewish origin with roots to Jewish culture or ethnicity. A combination of all these attributes make …

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Examining Health Inequalities and Promoting Health: Two Cultural Perspectives

Introduction This Qualitative report outlines two interviewees later year’s experiences from two different cultural and ethnic backgrounds with the aim of examining the importance they attribute to their health status. A body of research reveal that there exist wide health inequalities between certain groups in …

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A geographical area where one or more languages are endangered.

Introduction The geographic area that will be discussed in t his case study is Japan and the language that is endanger is Ainu language. The word Ainu means “human” in the Ainu language; Ezo, or Yezo, in old Japanese; or Utari, which is now called …

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Affirmative Action: Opportunity to Succeed regardless of Race, Gender, Ethnicity or Background

Affirmative action is a practice that is intended to promote opportunities for the “protected class” which includes minorities, woman, and people with disabilities or any disadvantaged group for that matter. With affirmative action in place people of this protected class are given an even playing …

Affirmative ActionEthnicityRace And Ethnicity
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Discrimination and Ethnicity

With more than six billion people in this world, with a huge variety of human shapes, colors and sizes can race really be defined? As people spread across the world. Mixing among each other creating new kinds of faces there is no true race. But …

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Roanoke: the Lost Colony

Roanoke: The Lost Colony Roanoke was the first attempt at creating an English settlement in the New World. It began in 1587 when Sir Walter Raleigh gathered over 100 people to voyage to Roanoke Island on North Carolina’s coast. Three years later, all of Roanoke’s …

Essay ExamplesEthnicity
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Invasion or Settlement

Invasion or settlement? This question has been asked and debated by many people over the past century. After studying this question over the past few weeks I agree to a large extent that it was an invasion by the Europeans. They stole the aboriginals land, …

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Ethnicity and Policing

Ethnicity and the Police Part II Police Brutality and Corruption: New Orleans Police Department By Brittany Jackson Staff Writer BATON ROUGE- New Orleans Police Department is known for its harsh brutality, corruption, discrimination, and deadly force. The issue of citizen complaints has been a controversial …

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Washington Redskins Mascot

Washington Redskins Introduction The Native American Mascot Controversy By Anna Yang Origin of “Redskin” The origin of the word “redskin” is debated. According to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), the term “redskin” came from the reddish skin color of some Native Americans, as in the terms red Indian and red man. The …

CultureEthnicityUnited States
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Facebook to Stop Ethnicity-Based Targeting for Some Ads

Facebook Inc. said on Friday it would stop advertisers from using its ethnicity-based ad-targeting feature on some ads, following criticism that advertisers could misuse the tool.The feature, intended to help advertisers reach ethnic groups with relevant ads, has come under fire from politicians and civil rights …

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A History Of Ethnical Convergence History Essay

Many archeologists, scientists, and bookmans agree that earliest beginnings of world semen from Africa. Strong, disordering currents, a deficiency of natural seaports, and wild seasonal conditions environing South Africa made the undertaking of voyaging its seashore rather hard for sea fairing civilisations ; this besides …

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“Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee”: A Cinematic Portrayal of Native American History

Yves Simoneau directed the breakthrough documentary “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee” from conception to shooting and writing. North and Central America’s dark colonial past is portrayed in a compelling documentary. The documentary was written by Dee Brown. In “The Revenant,” Native Americans are shown …

Documentary FilmEthnicity
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Boundaries of Race and Ethnicity In Sports

Each society established its own set of norms, values and beliefs. It is these that have caused societies to change and develop over time creating ideologies of inequality, prejudice and segregation. Often the beliefs of a population stem from the hegemonic group within that society, …

EthnicityRace And EthnicitySport
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American Indian Studies

The policies of the Federal Government toward Native Americans experienced numerous pendulum swings in the past years, influenced by changing political agendas. These swings left the Native American communities adapt to the changes imposed from outside. (more…)

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According to Kennewick Man in his article

Introduction According to Kennewick Man in his article that “for NAGPRA and other related legal purposes, the federal government defines native Americans as any tribe, people, or culture that resided in the territory of the United States before historic European contact and exploration. At present, …

ARTClothingEssay ExamplesEthnicitySlavery
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An ethnic group or an ethnicity is a grouping of people who identify with each other on the basis of shared attributes that distinguish them from other groups.

Frequently asked questions

What is ethnicity in your own words?
Ethnicity can be described as a group of people who identify with each other based on shared cultural characteristics. This can include shared language, religion, customs, and history. Ethnicity is often used to describe different groups within a larger society, and can be a source of both pride and conflict.
What is ethnicity and why is it important?
Ethnicity is a term used to describe a group of people who identify with each other based on shared cultural characteristics. Ethnic groups are often distinguished by their language, religion, and customs.Ethnicity is important because it can be a source of identity and pride. It can also play a role in politics and social interactions. Understanding ethnicity can help us to better understand the world around us.
How do I write my ethnicity?
It will depend on the form or application you are completing and the instructions provided. However, some tips on how to write your ethnicity may include being specific about your background, such as listing your specific country or region of origin, and being mindful of how you self-identify. For example, you may identify as Hispanic or Latino, African American, Asian American, Native American, or white. It is also important to be aware of the different terms used to describe ethnicity and to use the one that you feel most comfortable with.
What is ethnicity and examples?
Ethnicity is often used to refer to the cultural characteristics of a group of people, including their language, traditions, and religion. For example, people might speak of ethnic Chinese" or "ethnic Germans." Ethnicit"

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