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Multiculturalism in Nepal

Nepal is a country consisting of multi-lingual, multi-religious and multi-ethnic society. The Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN) noted 59 distinct cultural groups as Janajati. (NEFIN: 2005). They are found in different ecological regions, 18 groups in the mountain, 23 groups in the Hill, 7 …

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Consequences of Ethnicity in Nigeria

Nigeria is by far the most populated of Africa’s countries, with more than one-seventh of the continent’s people. The people belong to many different ethnic groups. These groups give the country a rich culture, but they also pose major challenges to nation building. Ethnic strife has plagued Nigeria since …

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Sociology: Ethnicity and Crime

Using material from Item B and elsewhere, assess explanations for apparent ethnic differences in involvement in crime (21 Marks) According to official statistics, ethnic minorities are largely linked to crime and their involvement if often over exaggerated. Item B shows that black people make up …

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Becoming Members of Society: Learning the Social Meanings

Melvin Richardson Professor Shana Smith English 112 (D22P) March 21, 2013 Machin Rifamos (The Rise of Brown America An argument essay by Melvin Richardson) “Resistance is futile” is a resounding statement first exclaimed by the alien race called the Borg in the Gene Roddenberry long …

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Aboriginal Land Claims in Canada

Aboriginal land claims is the proposition contained in formal statements that are submitted to the provincial and/ or federal government by Aboriginal community claiming that the Crown has not honored its obligations or commitment in respect to treaty or Aboriginal rights as pertains land ownership …

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Native American Boarding Schools

An Indian boarding school refers to one of many schools that were established in the United States during the late 19th century to educate Native American youths according to Euro-American standards. These schools were primarily run by missionaries. These often proved traumatic to Native American …

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Ethno Linguistic Group

Heruela, Christine Mae O. BSMA-4 13 Muslim Ethno Linguistic Groups 1. Maguindanao Maguindanao originally means “people of flooded plain. ” The name Maguindanao was also named after the Sultanate or dynasty that ruled the area for several years. People living in the Pulangi area, located …

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The Ho-Chunk Nation

Ho-Chunk Nation The Ho-Chunk Nation’s culture and beliefs have sustained them for centuries which make their tribe one of the strongest Native American Tribes in the United States today. Their tribe is made up of 7,071 members, due to the devotion of the tribe elders …

CultureEthnicityUnited States
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How Goths Contributed to the Breakup of the Roman Empire

Today our group will discuss how the Goths contributed to the breakup of the Roman Empire. We will do this by raising some questions and providing the answers for our theory. The Goths were an ancient Germanic Tribe that conquered Europe’s Roman Empire. Each of …

EmpireEthnicityEuropeRoman Empire
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Brazil Geography and Culture

Brazil: Geography and Culture Geography Brazil with a background of Portuguese colonialism back in 1500 is the largest nation in Latin America, nearly half (47%) of the South American continent, comprises slightly under half of the land mass in South America continent and share border …

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Discrimination at workplace based on gender and ethnicity

Imagine being stuck in the same job without proper compensations, or being thrown out of the job one fine day and being replaced by someone, you know hardly measures up to the fine standards you maintain, just because you do not look good, or you …

DiscriminationEthnicityHegemonic MasculinityWorkplace
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Addressing Ethnic Disparities in Health and Well-being

Introduction The policy makers are concerned with addressing or correcting imbalances that impact directly on ethnic minorities’ well-being, such as socioeconomic, health, housing, education, lifestyle and discriminatory factors. Aggleton (1990, p.5 as cited in Baggott, 2004) posited that health can be defined in two ways; …

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Ancient History of British Isles

The History of the British Isles. Around 3000 years BC many parts of Europe including the British Isles, were inhabited by a people called the Iberians. Some of their descendants are still found in the North of Spain (the Iberia Peninsula). We don’t know much …

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Gender culture and ethnicity

The understanding of the terms gender, ethnicity, and culture and their influence on the family is the core factor in this paper. These terms have diverse definitions though the understanding is basically the same. This is because the terms are applied differently in different social …

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Ethnicity and the Immigrant Experience

Ethnicity and the Immigrant Experience When thinking about immigration, most individuals imagine all different types of ethnic groups traveling to a separate land away from their own. Most imagine America. Immigration, throughout history, has occurred within all types of ethnicities. When taking a closer look …

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Ethnicity, Race and Culture: Austria

Essay Topic I: Ethnicity, Race and Culture: Austria Austria is not a big country; it’s ranked on 115th place in total area and 92nd in total population. But not so long ago the Austrian-Hungarian Empire was one of the “big players” by the end of …

CultureEthnicityRace And Ethnicity
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Indo European Migrations

Indo-European pp Migrations pp 42-45 (period 8 pp 54-57) ben hiatt per. 1 9/4/12 1. Linguists noticed that certain language were related called them Indo- European. List the major subgroups of this family of languages. The major subgroups of this family of languages is hindi, …

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Sociology Ethnicity Question

Using material from item A and elsewhere assess the claim that ethnic differences in educational achievement are primarily the result of school factors. It is not completely internal school factors that can affect different ethnicities level of achievement in education, external factors can have a …

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Race, Ethnicity, & Prejudice

Race, Ethnicity, and Prejudice-Online Project At one point in time the U. S. Census defined someone as a “negro” if they were one-sixteenth black. That is, if one of your sixteen great-great grandparents was of African descent (and the other fifteen were of “white” European …

EthnicityRace And Ethnicity
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Ideology, Ethnicity, Social Class, and Gender

Culture is defined as the systematic philosophy of life or as the behaviour, beliefs and symbols that people accept. These customs passed from one generation to the other because it transforms their behaviour and character. Cultural studies include political economy, communication, social theory, literary theory, …

EthnicitySocial Class
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The Stolen Generation

Explain the Stolen Generation (when did it occur/who was responsible and why government officials believed they were justified in taking these actions). The Stolen Generation was a very lonely and depressing time for the indigenous people of Australia. It lasted an overwhelming 60 years in …

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What Race and Ethnicity Means

It seems as if some people still want to separate us depending on the color of our skin. Being that there’s so many races mixing, there’s no such thing as a pure race. Race seems to be unimportant to me. Ethnicity is a word that …

EthnicityGenderInequalityRace And Ethnicity
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Ethnicity and Race are significant problems in education

There are many points to be discussed when mentioning to race and ethnicity in instruction, some of the points are in favor of ethnics and minority groups in instruction, whereas some points are against the thought. In this essay, I will show my points for …

EducationEthnicityRace And Ethnicity
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Slave Culture- African or American

Despite the abduction of millions of blacks from their homeland, slaves developed a strong familial camaraderie in America, retaining their African traditions as seen through dance, language, clothing and hairstyle. Although kinship ties were usually broken during the slavery process, blacks living on the same …

African American CultureAmerican CultureChristianityEthnicityReligionSlavery
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Race and Ethnicity Critical Essay

Alyssa Krajewski 10/02/2012 Society and Global Diversity Race and Ethnicity The people of American are still fighting each day to get rid of the word prejudice. Prejudice is an unsupported generalization about a category of people. Being prejudice leads to stereotyping, this leads to racism. …

DiscriminationEthnicityInjusticeRace And EthnicityRacism
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Understanding the Influence of Race/Ethnicity

Factors such as ethnicity, economic status and gender can affect educational outcomes (Hughes, 1991). The 1944 Education Act promotes equality for children in school. In spite of this, it has been suggested that girls persistently tend to have different educational outcomes from boys (Hughes, 1991). …

DiscriminationEthnicityGenderLiteracyRace And Ethnicity
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Theoretical Perspectives of Race and Ethnicity

Theoretical Perspectives of Race and Ethnicity Rebecca Spain ETH/125 April 4th, 2010 Melissa Terrell The three sociological theoretical perspectives of race and ethnicity are the functionalist, conflict, and labeling perspectives. The functionalist perspective is the perspective that shows how parts of society work in a …

EthnicityRace And EthnicityTheories
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History and Influences of Mexican Americans and the United States Essay

Looking around the United States. it is non difficult to see the influence that Spanish-speaking states. viz. Mexico. hold had on us. Every twenty-four hours we see marks in Spanish. We hear it as we walk through the streets of Madison and Milwaukee. We feel …

EthnicityHistoryImmigrationMexicoUnited States
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Examining Health Inequalities and Promoting Health: Two Cultural Perspectives

Introduction This Qualitative report outlines two interviewees later year’s experiences from two different cultural and ethnic backgrounds with the aim of examining the importance they attribute to their health status. A body of research reveal that there exist wide health inequalities between certain groups in …

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His/145 Native American Civil Rights

Native American Civil Rights HIS/145 Native American Civil Rights Native Americans were the people of the land before English settlers claimed the United States as it is today. Throughout time they have been mistreated by white people and forced to be Americanized. Their culture has …

Civil RightsEthnicityJustice
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An ethnic group or an ethnicity is a grouping of people who identify with each other on the basis of shared attributes that distinguish them from other groups.

Frequently asked questions

What is ethnicity in your own words?
Ethnicity can be described as a group of people who identify with each other based on shared cultural characteristics. This can include shared language, religion, customs, and history. Ethnicity is often used to describe different groups within a larger society, and can be a source of both pride and conflict.
What is ethnicity and why is it important?
Ethnicity is a term used to describe a group of people who identify with each other based on shared cultural characteristics. Ethnic groups are often distinguished by their language, religion, and customs.Ethnicity is important because it can be a source of identity and pride. It can also play a role in politics and social interactions. Understanding ethnicity can help us to better understand the world around us.
How do I write my ethnicity?
It will depend on the form or application you are completing and the instructions provided. However, some tips on how to write your ethnicity may include being specific about your background, such as listing your specific country or region of origin, and being mindful of how you self-identify. For example, you may identify as Hispanic or Latino, African American, Asian American, Native American, or white. It is also important to be aware of the different terms used to describe ethnicity and to use the one that you feel most comfortable with.
What is ethnicity and examples?
Ethnicity is often used to refer to the cultural characteristics of a group of people, including their language, traditions, and religion. For example, people might speak of ethnic Chinese" or "ethnic Germans." Ethnicit"

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