Economic Inequality

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Social Class and Economic Inequality in America in “The Lesson”, a Short Story by Toni Cade Bambara

“The Lesson” by Toni Cade Bambara is a lesson on social class and presents the choice of which society we choose to live in. It examines the realization of economic inequity within America. Bambara creates Ms. Moore, the antagonist, who strives to teach the children …

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Three Different Points of Views with the Principles of Economic Equality and Economic Freedom

The first source is one that advocates for a society in which people are treated differently based upon their ability, it goes against liberalism because in it says that the government should treat a handicapped mother and an able bodied man differently. These two people …

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Freedom, Consent, and Economic Inequality in The Second Treatise of Government

The writing of The Second Treatise of Government by John Locke shaped the political thinking of the philosophical terms of freedom, consent, and economic inequality. This essay will provide the contents of those philosophies alongside addressing Locke’s understandings of political power, liberty, and property. Political …

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The Social and Economic Inequalities between the Native Americans and the Colonists in the Nineteenth Century

Before the Thirteen Colonies were formally established, the American land was resided by indigenous people who are now referred to as Native Americans, American Indians, or simply by the general term indigenous. However, as English colonists migrated from their homelands to the New World, clashes …

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The Link Between Economic Inequality and Democracy

The study of the relationship between economic inequality and democracy is an increasingly important field as one of the most pertinent problems to emerge for developed democracies in the 21st century is that of rising inequality between the rich and poor. This essay will serve …

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An Introduction to the Issue of Economic Inequality in the United States

The United States is currently experiencing it’s highest level of income disparity since the years of the Great Depression, with the richest 20 percent of Americans earning approximately 50 percent of total income in 2008. In addition, the richest fifth own about 84 percent of …

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An Overview of the Socio-Economic Inequality in the United States

Socio-economic inequality is at an all time high in the United States, with the richest 1 percent of citizens earning nearly all of the annual income being earned in the country. But of course this group of people should earn most of the money. After …

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The Reality and Effects of Economic Inequality

The unfortunate reality and effects of economic inequality and poverty can be seen across the globe now more than ever. Researchers have shown the similarities between the economic disparities of neighboring places such as Connecticut’s Fairfield County and Bridgeport when compared to far away neighbors …

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My Economic Proposal for the President of the United States

One of the biggest and most controversial economic questions that has persisted throughout history is, how should wealth be distributed? Philosophers and politicians throughout the ages have attempted to address this topic, be it through position papers or policy. However, economic inequality in the United …

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Economic Inequality as One of the Primary Factors That Stagnates America From Succeeding

Little information is known with regards to the issue of economic inequality and how America is being affected by it. Certainly, there are several other economic problems that flow under the bridge, which perhaps makes this issue unnoticeable. However, economic inequality is one of the …

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