An Overview of the Socio-Economic Inequality in the United States

Last Updated: 20 Apr 2023
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Socio-economic inequality is at an all time high in the United States, with the richest 1 percent of citizens earning nearly all of the annual income being earned in the country. But of course this group of people should earn most of the money. After all they are far more important than all the other 99 percent of the population.

It is completely justified for these people to receive far more money than they could ever dream of spending in their lifetime, while there are men, women, and children homeless and starving in the same country. Everyone knows that all these people who live in poverty are just lazy or strung out on drugs. It is not as if they did not receive the same opportunities as those members of the uppermost class. No, they were just too lazy to put in the effort to attain the same wealth. All of the underclass for that matter is just too lazy to work for such wealth, even the doctors and surgeons who save lives every day.

Those in the upper class hold a much more important place in society anyways. It is not as if saving lives or keeping the power supply running in towns and cities, or protecting citizens is more important than hosting a talk show or standing as the head of a company. Society would surely crumble without these men and women doing their part in ensuring the welfare of private organizations. We could do without all the others. The firemen, policemen, educators, and blue-collar workers are not vital. Their barely-enough salaries are adequate considering we do not really need them.

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Maybe we should diminish their salaries down to minimum wage, and allot the difference from their usual wages towards the upper class. That might better our country, especially since the rich are so generous with their spending. Maybe the economy will expand due to their help in stimulating the flow of money through the economy.

In fact, communism is perhaps the best move for our country. The rich can then hold all the money and all the power, while the entirety of the underclass suffers poverty. It is not as if their needs really matter. Their children do not deserve a good education, or quality nutrition, as their families do not deserve health and dental care. They are lazy alcoholics and drug abusers after all. They do not really contribute to society the way the wealthy do. If they increasingly become poorer and cannot afford health care, shelter, and food perhaps this will serve as motivation for them to work more and to work harder.

The proletariat class surely outnumbers the extremely wealthy class, but they would never revolt. If they did, the funds allotted to the upper class could easily afford machinery and manpower capable of destroying any army they could possibly form. These individuals will be labeled as criminals, opposing the government, which is of course "by the people, for the people." They will be labeled as threats to liberty, and public wellbeing. With this, the bourgeoisie will reign over the nation, and they will hold all the wealth and power. Then the nation will be perfect; perfect for the upper class only that is.The United States is still considered a democracy, but the reality of the possibly shift to communism is hard to ignore. Especially considering the upper most class is already able to manipulate the government and due to the widening population gap.

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